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  • ITC Grand Chola shows solidarity with global movement to conserve energy

    Published on March 28, 2013

    India : ITC Grand Chola, the world’s largest hotel to receive the LEED Platinum certificate for their green initiatives, on Saturday, 23rd March

    Guests and staff show solidarity at the Sangam Lobby in ITC Grand Chola on the occassion of Earth Hour

    Guests and staff show solidarity at the Sangam Lobby in ITC Grand Chola on the occassion of Earth Hour

    2013, participated in the globally observed Earth Hour and encouraged staff and guests to show solidarity for the movement.

    Not new to the concept of conserving energy, the staff at ITC Grand Chola marked the Earth Hour, which was conceptualized for creating awareness on the need to take action on climate change, by switching off all non-essential lights in and around the hotel and lighting up candles instead. Although it has barely been a few months since the hotel opened its doors to guests, this is the second year the luxury hotel is observing Earth Hour as staff observed the same in 2012 much before the hotel was open to guests.

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Philippe Charraudeau, Vice President & General Manager said, “This is a very inspiring movement started by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to involve people on a cause that affects all of us globally. It is overwhelming to see the kind of response this movement has received. Contributing to nature and conserving energy is a subject that is close to ITC Hotels and ITC Grand Chola who stand for and promote responsible luxury. Hence, this global movement ties in seamlessly with our core values and principles.”

    The senior managers of the luxury property took the opportunity to explain to all the staff gathered in the Sangam lobby on the Grand Staircase, how this global movement has created a lot of visibility for the need of the hour in saving planet Earth and leaving behind a cleaner, greener place for the generations to come.


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