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  • IUNIKA Announces the Launch of Parental Bourder

    Published on October 20, 2010

    Spain: IUNIKA has developed and patented its Parental Bourder chip (PaBo), the only SOC for parental control based on hardware and software. PaBo offers electronic device-makers (PCs, Mobile Computing, etc.) a reliable solution 99,99%, to protect and control the access to the Web by underage persons, but also specific user groups and individuals. The chip is processor architecture independent and can be integrated into existing architectures.

    There are around 800 million underage persons having Internet access today*. This number is significant increasing day by day, as well as the points of access to the network. The underage persons connect to Internet at home or from educational centers, accessing to contents that complement their formation or lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no protection in getting access to inappropriate adult content or protection related to the exchange of personal information which can be used by criminal organization.

    PaBo offers parents and educators the possibility to configure the electronic devices, so that they can restrict the accessible content as well as protect the privacy. The possibilities of configuration include parameters as age, usage window and temporary limits in which the underage person use devices protected with PaBo accessing the web. PaBo permits configuration of up to four profiles to facilitate the shared use of the devices.

    By Protectto software parents can configure the usage model of the device and store the data on chip. The storage data can only be modified by IUNIKA’s technical personnel and so prevent underage persons to modify the usage model. Only the usage time and window of the device can be modified directly through an USB digital key

    The main development of the PaBo project is taking place at the Technology Park of “Fuente Alamo” in Murcia, Spain, one of the main points of reference in the research and development of high technology of Europe.