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  • Professional Boxer Izzadeen Malik El-Amin Believes Public schools especially in the west are corrupting Kids, he says the schools are raising the kids, instead of the parents ,parents need to take there kids out of Public schools and educate them themselves or send them to schools that will teach them beneficial knowledge

    Izzadeen Malik El-Amin Professional Boxer & Humanitarian, he has done many interviews talking about his boxing career & his struggles growing up being raised by a single mother & how he raised himself ,he has come from tough beginnings ,not being supported or seen being anywhere in life from Luton himself was kicked out of high school numerous of times, said he wasn’t interested in school, he has said many controversial things from the research we have done on him but we can say he is a role model for the youth of today from where he has come from, expected to be on the streets and has come this far but in this interview he had alot to say…

    “especially the times we are living in, Homosexuality is on the rise, now you got trans movement, kids are getting confused they are being taught things they shouldn’t be taught, they are planting seeds in their head from a young age, I have nothing against Homosexuals it’s the act which I’m against, we are going against what God said in the Bible and Quran”.

    Izzadeen says “It’s become normalised, these are the end of times it’s meant to happen but we’ve got to protect the kids, we are all pretending like this is normal just because it’s accepted by society don’t mean it’s right, it shouldn’t be promoted the way it is especially in schools what type of education is that, kids coming home confused about what gender they are because of what they’ve been taught.

    ” I believe parents need to do a better job in raising there kids, you have fathers working most of the day ,don’t know what there kids are up to ,kids being raised by society, the mothers also at work or are unable to control the kids ,you know as we know the mother will be the slave of the daughter so whatever the daughter says it goes, prophecy by Muhammad pbuh we are living in those times.

    when kids grow up and don’t have that guidance of the last revelation that was given to us as guidance till the end ,we will be lost ,instead we start taking other things as our God but God whether it be our desires or celebrities”.

    To all Imams masjids ,places of worship they need to educate the youth as I had mentioned in a previous interview on the struggles facing today’s youth – “It could have been me” instead of spending all the money on the mosques by expanding them they need to put it in to the next generation ,also Islamic schools lower the prices ,make it affordable for the parents that’s what is needed, a change is needed, we are doing nothing to make a difference they are all out there thinking they are Thugs ,they’ve lost who they really are.


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