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Jagat Pharma launches Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes: A Healthy Eye Hygiene Companion

New Delhi: Jagat Pharma, a leading name in the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry, has launched its latest breakthrough product, Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes. In the face of unparalleled challenges, including a record flood and a new viral outbreak causing a surge in conjunctivitis and eye flu cases, Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes provide an effective solution to protect and refresh eyes naturally.

Recently, many parts of the country have been affected by heavy rain and its ramifications on the dwellers of these areas. Eye infection due to waterborne pathogens is becoming an epidemic due to the growing incidences of eye flu and conjunctivitis.

Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes have been meticulously crafted to address the emerging healthy eye hygiene challenges. The revolutionary eye wipes are your Gateway to Eye Health and they serve as a natural way to revitalize and refresh tired eyes, whether it’s the discomfort caused by

dryness, irritation, or the need to gently clean the delicate eye area to remove secretions and discharge.

Dr Mandeep Singh Basu, Director of Jagat Pharma & Dr. Basu Eye Hospital, informed about the launch of Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes, saying, “We at Jagat Pharma are dedicated to our ideology of eradicating all types of eye problems without any invasive operations and offering Ayurvedic eye solutions. Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes are a result of our unwavering commitment to innovation and dedication to improving people’s lives. These wipes provide comprehensive care for the eyes, offering protection against eye flu and nourishing the delicate skin around the eyes.”

The key ingredients in Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes have been carefully chosen for their eye-boosting properties. Additionally, Cucumis Sativus fruit extract nourishes the eyes and the delicate skin around them, reducing swelling and puffiness for brighter, revitalized eyes.

Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes not only provides relief from irritation, burning sensations, and discomfort due to dryness of the eyes, but they also cleanse the eyelids instantly. Furthermore, the product helps keep the skin around the eyes softer and assists in removing excessive dead

skin, contributing to improved eyesight and eye vision. Isotine Cucumber Eye Wipes are now available for purchase exclusively on Jagat Pharma official website offering the natural choice for Healthy Eyes. With its potent blend of ingredients and a commitment to providing accessible eye care, Jagat Pharma continues to stand at the forefront of revolutionizing eye health.

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