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  • Jai Maha Bharath Party challenges Maharashtra CM

    Published on April 28, 2014

    Mumbai: The Jai Maha Bharath Party, which made its debut this Lok Sabha elections contesting as many as 174 candidates, on Sunday challenged the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mr WP_20140410_014Prithviraj Chavan and the Congress Party by rooting them out of the State.

    Lambasting the Maharashtra Chief Minister for his comments on regional parties, Mr Bipin Tiwari, General Secretary – Maharashtra said, “It was only because of the regional parties the Congress could form the  UPA government. And now, the Maharashtra Chief Minister is talking about banning the regional parties.”

    “The Congress party has already accepted the defeat and his (Mr Chavan’s comments on banning the  regional parties proves this is the end of road for the Congress party both at the Centre and the State,” he categorically said.

    Ms Priya Rathod, Mahila President – Maharashtra, Jai Maha Bharath Party, informed that the party has already decided to contest the forthcoming State assembly elections scheduled later this year. “We will be contesting all the 288 seats in Maharashtra and we will ensure that the Congress is completely rooted out,” she added.

    Source: Lokesh Shastri


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