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    Jaipuria Institute of Management Ghaziabad organizing Management Development Programme on “Leading oneself through self-leadership”

    Published on September 23, 2021

    Delhi : Jaipuria Institute of Management Ghaziabad is organizing Management Development Programme on “Leading oneself through self-leadership” on 25th September 2021. The one-of-a-kind-leadership program will focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusion, mindfulness, empathy, social intelligence, learning agility and developing cognitive abilities to control the mind and behaviours.

    JIM understands the value of self-development, enabling one to manage important and complex issues better and handle critical situations through innovative solutions. Hence the institutions brought this Management Development Programme, which emphasizes on infusing core leadership values. The programme is a combination of self-recorded questionnaires that will help participants understand their existing leadership level and how to reach their aspired level.

    Besides, recent research has shown that leaders fail primarily due to two reasons – lack of strong relationships and inability to continue learning new things. Hence the programme also comprises detailed discussions on real-life case studies and deep analysis of the relevant leadership, relationship and learning management techniques.

    Commenting on the program, Professor (Dr) Daviender Narang, Director Institute of Management, said,Self-leadership helps not only in achieving one’s professional goals of being a leader but also enhances their leadership qualities. It helps in developing a good understanding of themselves, their aspirations, and future goals in relation to where they stand at the moment. The programme also offers a better understanding of their emotions and behaviour and how to control them. The programme aims to develop a brand of leaders who are more efficient, productive, confident and responsible, and help them strengthen their bond with their co-workers.”

    This programme stands more relevant in the current circumstances than ever before as this research-backed roadmap will help today’s leaders gain skills for effectively managing the most difficult and delicate situations. After all, success is defined by one’s response to harder situations and resolving issues through tools of awareness, clarity, outlook, insight and understanding.