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Janani announces the launch of New Website and Services

Bangalore: Janani, a digital platform for end-to-end reproductive and sexual health solutions, launches a new and improved website and specially curated fertility packages.

The revamped website features a modern and innovative design and interface, highlighting Janani’s main verticals make.life, play.life and live.life.

Make.life deals with fertility solutions and care for aspiring parents. From proprietary products and packages that help one conceive naturally, to advanced procedures for assisted pregnancy, it has a full range of holistic solutions that maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Play.life is their sexual wellness vertical that offers solutions to improved sexual health. It helps treat a variety of sexual dysfunctions and also has products that improve performance. 

Live.life is their third offering that has holistic solutions to manage lifestyle issues that cause sexual or fertility problems. It focuses on concerns like obesity, smoking, menstrual health and mental wellness.

The launch also includes specially designed end-to-end packages that cater to fertility concerns among men and women. The startup plans to launch more products and packages in the upcoming months under their sexual wellness and lifestyle management verticals.

The website makes online consultations with medical experts and proprietary nutraceuticals available to individuals around the country. Additionally, Janani offers home diagnostic tests that are currently available in Bengaluru and Mumbai, and will soon be available in more cities in India. Among these is the first-of-it’s-kind at-home semen testing kit that allows one to collect a semen sample in the comfort of their home. Another important feature is their Library section which promises to be a treasure trove of information on sexual, reproductive, general health and wellness.

On the launch, Mr. Nilay Mehrotra, Founder, and CEO of Janani said, “With our revamped website and new packages, we are aiming to expand our reach to those in need of treatment. As the need for digital health infrastructure rises, it’s important for us to improve our accessibility and product range for customers so they have safe and convenient solutions at their fingertips.”

The launch of these new packages includes holistic solutions around concerns like poor sperm health, low ovarian reserves, PCOD, stress, chronic lifestyle disorders, and other factors that contribute to trouble conceiving.

Talking about the new plans available, Dr. S.S. Vasan, award-winning andrologist and Co-founder of Janani said, “The plans under Make.life are designed to help customers plan more safe, natural and viable pregnancies.

Among our packages, we have the ‘Revitalised Him Package’, designed for men who live a fast-paced lifestyle, and smoke or drink, impairing sperm quality. We also have the ‘Power Girl Package’ for working women who don’t want their reproductive health to suffer because of a hectic and stressful lifestyle.

We also have our proprietary program ANP (Assisted Natural Pregnancy). It addresses the concerns keeping couples from conceiving, providing non-invasive solutions to conceive naturally. This includes lifestyle management, medical counselling, and nutraceuticals.”

Make.life also extends into procedures such as IUI, IVF, and Egg/Sperm freezing for couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

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