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  • Jason Colodne and Colbeck Capital Management Support HealthRight

    Published on January 20, 2023

    In marginalized communities both home and abroad, access to necessary healthcare treatments for physical, mental, and emotional well-being can be difficult, if not impossible to access. To support underrepresented groups in these communities, Dr. Jonathan Mann, a renowned AIDS researcher and rights activist, founded HealthRight International in 1990 in support of rights-based care. The organization has since drawn support from across the globe, including from Colbeck Capital Management co-founder Jason Colodne.

    Overcoming lack of access and extenuating circumstances, HealthRight helps deliver programs and care to communities that have been left behind. This includes efforts in five different countries, most recently with the addition of Ukraine in light of the conflict that has taken root there.

    HealthRight strives to make a sustainable impact on the lives of people affected disproportionately by a lack of access to care. This includes communities encompassing those with HIV, mental health needs, victims of violence, and RMNCAH (reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health). Many of the people affected by these areas who are assisted by HealthRight programs are often overlooked or not able to access healthcare that addresses their specific needs. Operating in the United States as well as Kenya, Uganda, and Vietnam, the nonprofit organization has a community-driven mentality that helps it identify and lift up those who the healthcare system has overlooked.

    Marginalized groups vary depending on the country and region afflicted, but they all have the same challenge of overcoming discrimination and non-inclusive healthcare systems. These include refugees and migrants, survivors of gender-based violence, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ communities. HealthRight stands to provide these people with equitable access to health systems in their communities and strives to eliminate the gap in health outcomes within these groups.

    As a nonprofit organization based in the United States, HealthRight relies heavily on the donations provided by individuals and organizations like Jason Colodne’s Colbeck Capital Management. These funds are funneled into programs that engage community members, health workers, and organizations to expand access to health systems for identified marginalized groups. Most recently, the company has been requesting donations in support of its Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, which is designed to help first responders and clinics that are serving those displaced by the war in the country.

    HealthRight has been named a four-star charity by GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and Charity Watch. Its efforts have also been recognized within Ukraine since 2005, where it has 125 dedicated staff members working to improve quality and access to health services. Within Kenya, the organization has continued to serve the population with resources for those with maternal and neonatal health needs as well as those afflicted by malaria and HIV/AIDS. Working in collaboration with the National Ministry of Health, HealthRight has helped increase HIV testing rates by one thousand percent while seeing malaria rates drop by 49 percent in three counties over a four-year period.

    The organization’s efforts in Vietnam serve a greater purpose as part of the U.S.-Vietnam Partnership Framework, which is designed to combat HIV/AIDS through policy and service delivery. HealthRight has been active in the country since 2010, where it has helped those afflicted with HIV/AIDS get access to proper care and protect them from discrimination. Additionally, efforts are underway to bolster local agencies that are dedicated to helping prevent and respond to violence, exploitation, and abuse against children in the country. Issues of child protection, mental health, and family preservation remain at the forefront of activities for which HealthRight has been nationally recognized.


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