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  • JAYPORE unveils limited-edition `Rabari collection’ from Kutch artisans

    Published on August 5, 2021

    Kolkata : This season, JAYPORE has curated an exclusive collection of vintage Rabari weaves especially for the lovers of customary Indian crafts. This vibrant collection is dedicated to the traditional crafts of the Kutch weavers and their hand-embroidery, mirrorwork, multicolored Banjaara charm, and motifs inspired by local mythology and milieu. Through this collection, JAYPORE pays homage to the authentic craft and the tribe of India.

    The JAYPORE label works closely with artisans and craftpersons to curate best weaves, embroideries, and designs, packaged into collections across categories at exceptional value for its patrons.

     Collection: Mandana by JAYPORE

     Craft: Rabari

    From the nomadic tunes and tropes of the Rabari community of the celebrated region of Kutch, comes this traditional craft of the tribe that impresses a beautiful collaboration of color, design & detail. The Mandana edit features vintage wall hangings, torans, chaklas, cholis & more, each hand-picked. The ceaseless charm of possessing a vintage find, passed down & preserved by generations, can only be felt by a true connoisseur. Striking colors play with mirror embellishments in these one-of-a-kind pieces, made from vintage authentic Banjara textiles, curated to delight your abode.

     Each product in this capsule has a whimsical charm that reflects the heritage and skill of the nomadic community. A limited-edition collection, these products pay homage to the ethereal, indigenous designs and aims to preserve the rare remains of this lost art by presenting it to the patrons of JAYPORE.


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