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  • Jesh Music’s immense love for music and pure skills leads him to deliver top-notch songs in the industry

    Published on August 15, 2022

    The Indian singer, producer, and artist is all excited to release a new album and also give a sneak peek of a few of his incredible tracks to listeners.

    There have been too many talented beings working across different industries around the world who have, in more ways than one, ensured to turn heads of people with the insane level of energy, tenacity, and passion they have shown for their work in their niches. The question is, have all of them gone ahead in inspiring other budding talents in those sectors? Well, there have been a few rare gems that have done even that through the many successes they have gained, even as youngsters amidst massive competition and saturation, especially in industries like music. Who better than Jayesh Paradkar, most famously known by his stage name Jesh Music (https://www.jeshmusic.com/), to serve as an example here?

    Jesh Music, with his immense love and pure skills in music, has gradually made his way to the top in the industry, which has been overflowing with established and emerging talents for years. Still, he has made his unique mark that speaks enough of how well he has immersed himself in the field and also of his incredible skills as a producer, singer, and music professional. As a child, he began recording songs in high school, which opened his eyes to various genres. In 2018, he started making his albums and was finding ways to make a prominent place for himself in the industry. However, through his journey, he realized how for true artists making money is never the focus; first, it is to create art and connections.

    Jesh Music proudly says, “I have never been in this business just for the sake of selling records. I fell in love with music and have only focused on creating art in the industry, without even bothering about which genre my album will fall into. Over the years, I have realized how music acts like medicine and has been medically and scientifically evaluated. It heals the body, mind, and soul, and I always work towards being that source where people seek to elevate their experiences and souls through music.”

    Adding further, Jesh Music, a proud member of IPRS & SoundBetter, says that music can unite everyone through specific emotions, which is why he has always created music that could be a bridge that connects him to all his listeners. His skills in writing and producing have already made deeper connections with many music lovers out there.

    Currently, Jesh Music (@aboutjesh) is excited about his newest album, which will be released soon across streaming platforms, but before that this year, he would also give a sneak peek of a few of his incredible tracks.


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