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JOY Personal Care join hands with Kolkata Knight Riders to raise a pertinent question on gender inequality

Joy Personal Care, a leading Indian skincare brand from the aegis of RSH Global, in continuation to their recently announced partnership with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), has initiated #BeingEqual brand campaign. This impactful multi-platform campaign will highlight the existing gender inequalities faced by women across professional environments. This first-of-its-kind brand campaign is an initiative that has been undertaken, not to promote a product or service, but only to hold a mirror up to the society and mobilize against the issues being faced by women on a daily basis. The campaign is also aligned with the core purpose of the brand of ‘breaking the stereotypes’.

Gender equality and women rights are considered as the 5th, among 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN, and this campaign is a serious movement toward the betterment of women rights in society. Joy Personal Care endeavours to inspire this very change by leveraging one of the largest consumer outreach platform, for societal welfare.

As a part of the campaign, the brand is launching a film featuring KKR players in it. The film introduces a strong message on equality, where male cricketers address the systemic inequalities faced by women in sports, and other businesses as well. #BeingEqual, intends to ask pertinent questions and inspire efforts to bring an equilibrium in society. The film showcases the three cricketers in a dark setting, spray-painting on a surface, while a voice-over talks about how unfortunate it is that even though women are capable of greater things, they are not always recognized as equals. The film then reveals the spray-painting to be the rendition of an empowered woman. With the help of projection mapping with words like Truth, Privilege, Power and Boundaries, this film aspires to subtly create an impact in the minds of the viewers and underline the importance of equality in all walks of life.

Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global, said, “Cricket is a sport that most Indians relate to, and admire. The brand Joy has always stood for empowering women and breaking archaic stereotypes. With such an important message being delivered by members of KKR, we aim to inspire much larger audiences, including businesses, to support and actively promote gender equality.”

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, said, “Joy’s association with KKR itself raised a lot of questions, how much sense does it make from a marketing and media perspective? But, I truly believe, it’s time we look at this association from a different lens. Hence, for the first time, a brand film is being made to drive a strong message instead of a call to action TVC. The idea was to leverage the reach of the tournament to build awareness and visibility through logo exposure and simultaneously drive home a strong message about gender equality.

We are proud to be one of the very few brands taking up a non-promotional campaign during one of the most coveted advertising bonanzas that India ever sees in a year. Our focus has always been on purpose-led communication and we continue this vision by effecting change in the system.

We realize that the youth of today enacts, reacts, adores and accepts brands that support and promote a cause. This campaign will certainly make consumers resonate with our brand story. We encourage audiences to participate in sending a message through social media, and are proud to reward those who raise their voice in support of equality.”

Encouraging the social change towards this crucial issue, Binda Dey, CMO, Kolkata Knight Riders, said, “It is refreshing to see a brand partner using the association with KKR and harness the reach of such a widely viewed platform to raise awareness about a worthy cause. We are proud to partner with Joy Personal Care on their initiative to drive conversations on equal opportunity for all gender.”

Pulling out a leaf from the brand’s vision of ‘Breaking the Stereotypes’ the will be accompanied by two social media campaigns in this direction.

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