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  • Juvederm Fillers for Post Holi Skin care that will help your skin to get that glow again

    Published on March 18, 2014

    Holi is a day when nobody wants to be left out of the revelry. At the same time it is also a day of trauma for our skin and hair. Months of skin and hair care can go for a toss just in a day when you play Holi full throttle.

    While precautions are necessary to ensure harmful chemicals do not find way on to your skin with colors, it is also important to follow certain do’s and dont’s to avoid damage to the skin. Keeping the skin moisturized is an important part of the care regimen both pre and post Holi.

    Once you are done with the Holi play and are counting the losses to your skin, you need to get some deep care treatments for both the skin and hair done to calm and soothe.

    Cleanse and Moisturize, watch out for irritation …..

    The first thing to do after the Holi play is a no brainer. Get in the clean up act immediately but make sure it is done softly and is not harsh to the skin. Cleaning the color with the make  up remover or a moisturizer based cleanser is a good idea as they act as emulsifiers. Do not use harsh loofas to bathe yourself.

    Do it softly. Yet the excessive use of soap and shampoos is certain to leave your skin dry and irritated for several days. The most basic care regime is the use of moisturizer regularly. Apply a thick moisturizer several times a day, even an oil massage will be good for a few days. Oil your hair regularly for a few days after Holi, make sure you massage the scalp gently and apply oil to the hair shafts and tips liberally to undo the damage and loss of hydration.

    In case a skin irritation persists, it may be a case of skin allergy. In such a situation, do not ignore it, refrain from doing a self treatment and visit a dermatologist on first priority. You may be needing medication.

    Do not go for any cosmetic procedures till  3 to 5 days after Holi

    If the colour is still on the skin then you should wait for 3 to 5 days before you can do procedures like photo facial, derma-brasion and chemical peels.

    But, go for deep hydrating treatments after a few days

    It is not advisable to go for any cosmetic procedures a few days before and after Holi. However, it would serve you well if you get a deep hydrating treatment a week before the day. In case you haven’t done, so you may be needing some deep hydrating treatments after Holi as that is the time when your skin is depleted and dehydrated.

    Treat your skin with oil massages at home for seven to eight days after Holi, then visit a dermatologist to get some skin replenishing and deep hydrating treatments. To increase the hydration levels of the skin we can use special Juvederm fillers to hydrate the skin of the face, hands and chest. This not only give a smooth, healthy and hydrated look but also makes the skin look younger and glowing and it will last for a long time.

    No waxing or shaving for a week

    When the skin is sensitive and irritated it does not want to be poked any more. As said earlier, after Holi the skin just needs to be moisturized and left alone to overcome the trauma. Harsh treatments like waxing and shaving can lead to problems on an already sensitive skin. Even threading should be strictly avoided for a few days before and after Holi as it leaves the skin slightly injured and vulnerable.

    image A hair therapy will be needed

    Hair is another part of the body that takes the brunt of the Holi revelry. Color often sticks to the scalp and causes irritation of the sensitive scalp skin. The chemicals can also cause harm to the tips of the hair and leave them damaged and brittle. Besides the post Holi washing and heavy duty shampooing can again leave the hair dehydrated and dry. For a week after Holi, oil and massage your scalp daily to help the damaged hair recover from the trauma.

    3 to 5 days after Holi, go for a hair spa and replenishing head massage.