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  • Monday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:42:05
  • NEW DELHI: To give end-to-end satisfaction for all the coffee-holics, Kaapi Solutions, the one-stop provider of World Class imported coffee machines has recently launched their online store named ‘Kaapi Shop’ (www.kaapisolutions.com) to serve all classes of coffee lovers.

    The recent pandemic has hit the entire nation drastically, resulting in locking ourselves at homes, restricting from sipping the quality-led brewed coffees available in the outside world. Eyeing this opportunity, Kaapi Solutions has introduced its E-commerce platform, ensuring to deliver quality-led, professional coffee machines at people’s doorsteps. This will reintroduce people with the taste of perfectly brewed coffee they probably have missed throughout this long, tough mayhem.

    Delivering the taste of your favorite workplace, restaurant, and coffee brewing places to your doorstep in just a click, Kaapi Solutions’ exquisite selection of home/manual brewing, ranges from affordable to luxury collections which are prone to deliver the utmost satisfaction with the premium coffee experience for your taste-buds.

    Kaapi Solutions is well established in the B2B market with a wide clientele from hotels, corporate & hospitality industry that includes brands such as Google, Amazon, Ikea, and many more. The brand is offering the best coffee service with 24×7 service support for a premium and hassle-free experience., Continuing catering to B2B, now the brand is all set to mark its footprints in the B2C market. Kaapi visions to have more emphasis on the customer requirements and deliverables to give them their desired premium taste of coffee, at home.

    According to Mr. Vikram Khurana, CEO of Kaapi Solutions, who is a certified Arabica Q and an internationally acclaimed personality, “After tea, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in India, and people have developed a taste of the coffee. In fact, there is a transition seen in the culture-shifting from any liquor to a cup of coffee during work or any other conversation, where people meet and talk over a cup of coffee, keeping the health aspect in mind. Thus, we’re eyeing the shift over consumption of coffee, delivering customized ones at doorsteps through our online portal.”

    With increasing disposable income & consumer spending capacity along with different selected preferences, coffee machines have become an integral part of the home for coffee lovers. In fact, India has seen a shift or incorporation of coffee sections or dedicated coffee corners like wine counters at home. This shows that people are developing taste for premium coffee and do not wish to compromise for just any usual coffee.

    “Reportedly, coffee consumption in India has grown at an exponential rate in the last decade that will double-triple its impact in the years to come. This has generated a golden opportunity where we aim to leverage. To add to that, we are on a mission to change coffee education in India with 360-degree training, education, and consultation from our very best in-house team of Kaapi Solutions. Our team of experts is available in all the major cities panned across the country for exclusive and extensive training and consultation. Also, through our online store, we hope to target maximum percentage of the coffee industry in the upcoming 5 years,” adds Mr. Khurana.


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