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  • Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital join hands with Rela Hospital to provide Bone Marrow Transplantation for children

    Published on January 7, 2021

    Chittor : Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital (KKCTH), a Premier paediatric Institute that provides world-class health care for children (under 18 years age) irrespective of financial status join forces with Rela Hospital, a Premier multi-organ transplant quaternary care hospital with special focus on pediatric transplantation to effectuate the first pediatric bone marrow transplant on a six-year-old girl child successfully. 

    “This girl child from Chittoor was diagnosed with Thalassemia major at birth was also born with a defect in her upper lip and palate. She underwent surgical correction at 1 year of age after initiating blood transfusion support. She required regular blood transfusions every 3 weeks to survive. She also required medications to remove excess iron from the body due to accumulation from a blood transfusion. With Bone Marrow Transplantation, she can lead normal lives like others says Dr. Deenadayalan – Clinical Lead for Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant in Rela Hospital. 

    As the family was from a poor financial background and was unable to cope up with the medical needs, Rela Hospital performed the Bone Marrow Transplant at no cost for the family. This entire transplant gratuitously supported through full capital assistance from crowdfunding agency MILAP and philanthropic donor including Mrs.Devaki Muthiah, W/o.Dr.A.C.Muthiah, Chairman, The Childs Trust. It is a new milestone for the institution and adds to the high-end services that this renowned institution has been presenting to the children in the community.

    Prof. Mohamed Rela, Chairman and Managing Director of Rela Hospital said “selfless service to children has always been close to my heart and BMT is seen as a hope to many families for decades. Apart from infrastructure, organ Transplantation requires a high level of expertise to give a good outcome. At Rela Hospital, we provide liver, kidney, and bone marrow transplantation to children under govt insurance schemes, with a good outcome. This Bone Marrow Transplant program will benefit more children and I will extend the same support to any NGO or Govt organizations who have the infrastructure to pediatric transplant.”

    Child Trust Hospital has signed an MOU with Dr Rela Hospital, which is well known for the excellence in organ transplantation, to grant clinical support for our Bone Marrow Transplant program. There is one more child that has also undergone a successful Bone Marrow Transplant under the care of Dr. Deenadayalan

    “Rela Hospital supported the stem cell collection and processing at Rela Hospital. This entire exercise and collaboration is possible only because of full support and guidance from Prof. Rela” says Dr. Deenadayalan.