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  • Thursday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:45:54
  • The aspiring writer pursued his passion and has launched his debut book

    Kapil Arya, an entrepreneur and a former corporate professional turned author is all excited to share about his new project with the world which is a unique literary piece crafted via the power of his words and research. He has announced the launch of his debut book, Arthamedha which has recently hit the market.

    This book is a one of its kind masterpiece in the self-help genre specifically from personal finance, business, economics, and investment perspective. Its tagline- Amir Log dhan ke kin siddhanto ka palan karte hain, jinhe garib or madhyam vargiya log nahi jante! aptly describes the extraordinary literary work in a gist. Arthamedha which has been published by Milestone Publishers & Distributors will be available in only Hindi language version for now.

    This book by Kapil has been written on the most common and important yet criticized subject of wealth and is the outcome of ten years of research on people who have the perfect ‘rags to riches’ stories and are the perfect epitome of the principles of wealth creation and management. The principles enlisted in the book are valuable for those who are unemployed or do not have a stable source of income. Kapil believes that following the roadmap mentioned in the book, wealth will be bestowed in abundance.

    Arthamedha also includes ideologies for money management that will be helpful for those people who earn considerably well but are not able to increase their income and savings. Following the principles enlisted in the book will help them rapidly increase their wealth. Additionally, the book also consists of psychological and practical solutions to curb the increasing crimes and corruption that can arise due to greed for money and wealth.

    Excitingly sharing about the book launch, Mr. Kapil Arya, says, “ Coming from a corporate and entrepreneurial background, this book feels like a dream come true. It is the result of 10 years of hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. I wanted to pick up the appropriate stories and analyze them bit by bit so as to come up with a descriptive study that I have penned down in my book to share with the world. Arthamedha is a one of its kind self-help book with a special focus on wealth and personal finance. All I can say for sure is that on following the principles of wealth creation and management mentioned in my book, if money is not there then it will soon start foraying into your life. And if by god’s grace, it is there, you will witness it increasing at a significant pace and soon it will be available in abundance. Having launched a book feels like achieving a milestone in life and I am experiencing mixed emotions of joy, thrill, and nervousness. Fingers crossed with the hope that my book will be well-received and appreciated by the readers. ‘

    Arthamedha has been priced at 750 INR and can be purchased via the book’s website


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