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  • Kasab throws tantrums in court, wants to attend personally

    Published on October 19, 2010

    Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving Pakistani terrorist involved in the 26/11 attacks, Tuesday threw tantrums by making angry gestures at policemen during hearing in the Bombay High Court on confirmation of his death sentence.

    A smiling Kasab suddenly got angry with policemen at Arthur Road jail and was seen on the video screen put up in the court arguing with policemen.

    23-year-old Kasab could not, however, be heard as the audio system was not working. Towards the end of the first session, Kasab spat at the camera and said in an aggressive tone “Main aana chahata hoon (I want to come to the court).”

    The division bench, comprising Justice Ranjana Desai and Justice R V More, had left the court room by then for lunch.

    Earlier, after the hearing began, Kasab urged the Judges to allow him to attend the court personally instead of appearing through video conference.

    “Madam, main court mein aana chahata hoon” (Madam, I want to come to the Court), Kasab said after seeking permission to go to the washroom.

    Justice Desai told him that the bench would hear him later and asked him to leave for the washroom.

    However, after some time Kasab grew restless and picked up an argument with policemen which was not audible because of fault in the audio system.


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