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  • Katju asks media to take leadership against feudalism, poverty

    Published on August 18, 2014

    Press Council of India (PCI) Chairman Justice (retd) Markandey Katju on Monday said that the country had been passing through a very painful and agonising phase katju 5and exhorted the media to take leadership to combat feudal mindset and superstition in the society.

    “India is now neither feudal nor modern industrial society. It is passing through a very painful and agonising phase which is likely to continue for another 20 years. The media needs to combat all these social evils,” Katju told the National Council meeting of All India Small and Medium Newspapers Federation .

    “Besides giving information to the people, the media needs to give leadership to people in realm of ideas based on scientific and modern thinking,” he said.

    Stating that the country is facing massive problems like poverty, unemployment, and superstition, the PCI Chairman said though feudal powers in the form of kings and aristocrats had become weak, these elements still existed in the country and people would have to create new organ devoid of feudal authority.

    Media has to give leadership to the people in creating such a body to fight feudal authority and superstition, he said, citing examples of Europe where thinkers like Voltaire and Rousseau played a major role in transforming the then feudal society into modern society.

    Katju said people were still reluctant to allow inter-caste marriage and there is a need to bring about a change.


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