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  • Kavitha Paudwal and Sheetal Pandey enthralled Jains

    Published on April 17, 2019

    Hyderabad: Jain Community in Hyderabad organized on Wednesday night a Cultural Program “Ek Shyam Bhagwan Mahavir Ke Nam” to mark and celebrate Mahavir Jayanthi here in the city at exhibition ground.

    The well known Jain Amit Munoth under the aegis Sri Jain Seva Sangh invited Kavitha Paudwal and Sheetal Pandey to enthrall 5000 plus Jains who gathered to enjoy their melodious songs on the most auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanthi.

    Both the singers enthralled audience with their choicest Songs and Bhajans.

    Kavitha Paudwal, the famous Bollywood and Bhajan singer and daughter of Anuradha Paudwal, one of India’s well known playback singers began her 90 minute performance with devotional number “Manthra Navokar Hame Pranon Se Pyara”.

    She has many  famous Bhakti and devotional songs to her credit.

    Then she crooned “Naam Hai Tera Taran Hara Kab Tera Darshan Hoga”, a Jain Bhajan. The packed audience sang the bhajan in chorus with her.

    Naam Hai Tera Taranhaara she churned out another Devotional Song. Then it was followed by Tumse Laagi Lagan – Jainism well-known Spiritual Psalm

    Then moved into little fast number Aaungi Aaungi Main Agle Baras Phir Aaungi.

    It was an evening of devotion and exuberating as devotees started dancing in joy.

    It was a spiritual evening full of devotional songs. Hundreds of Jains immersed in those bhajans very piously.

    It is my first public performance for Jains in Hyderabad, Kavitha shared. Jains is a very prosperous community. You believe in giving back to society she told them.