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Kerala Lawyers to Confront Compulsory e-filing

From Our Legal Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: Discontent is brewing within the legal fraternity in Kerala against the abrupt move from the administration to impose e-filing system on the advocates “without proper planning and necessary arrangements.” The “inconsiderate approach of the administration compelling the lawyers to follow e-filing system with no adequate homework cannot be accepted” said Senior Advocate Anayara Shaji, President of The Trivandrum Bar Association, one of the most powerful lawyer’s forum in the country. Advocate Shaji is a former vice president of Kerala Bar Council and currently a member of the council.

The Bar Association that has over seven thousand members has decided to launch a massive state-wide protest against the impromptu imposition of e-filing. To mark the commencement of the protest the Bar Association has asked it members to observe Monday, 14th February 2022 as Black Day. “As part of this, lawyers are advised to turn off the video on the Online Roll call 14 – 2 – 2022 and do audio representation only, and lawyers appearing physically in court must wear a protest badge issued by the Bar Association,” Advocate Prijice Fasil, Secretary of the Bar Association, has urged in a written appeal.

Advocate Shaji said that on Monday at 12.30 noon the Bar Association is scheduled to hold a protest rally against e-filing in the courtyard of the Trivandrum District Court Complex

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