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  • Kerala’s Edtech Startup ‘Interval’ Achieves Remarkable Success in Finland, Gains International Recognition

    Published on September 20, 2023

     Kochi – Interval, an innovative educational technology  startup hailing from Kerala, has garnered international acclaim for its groundbreaking education approach. The startup, headquartered in Areekode, Malappuram, has achieved a remarkable feat by being selected as a part of Finland’s prestigious ‘Talent Boost’ project, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Finland to attract skilled talent and investors across diverse sectors. Notably, Interval is the sole Indian startup to receive this prestigious invitation.

    The global tech gathering, ‘Experience Tampere,’ which recently unfolded from the 12th to the 16th of this month in Tampere, the largest city in Northern Europe and Finland’s second-largest city, played host to this noteworthy achievement. Tampere is renowned for boasting the finest startup ecosystem in all of Europe.

    During the four-day conference, Interval’s visionary founder, Mr. Ramees Ali, had the privilege of engaging with some of the world’s most accomplished startup mentors and accelerators. Mr. Ali shared his perspective on the experience, stating, “The support we received has been truly exceptional. Moreover, we are grateful for the backing extended by the Finnish government to facilitate our expansion into Europe. Finland has emerged as a strong advocate for edtech platforms, which play a pivotal role in advancing the education sector. This presents an array of lucrative opportunities for international entrepreneurs.”

    What sets Interval apart from conventional edtech platforms is its distinctive one-to-one live tutoring model. In this system, educators directly deliver classes to students, ensuring personalized attention for each learner. At present, Interval boasts a community of over 4,000 dedicated teachers and employs a workforce of 218 individuals. The platform caters to more than 25,000 students across 30 countries, and its journey began in 2021 with its headquarters based in Areekode. Interval

    In an astounding testament to its rapid growth, Interval has generated a staggering revenue of 15 crores within just two years of inception. Mr. Ali also revealed that the company is strategically gearing up for various expansion initiatives, with a strong focus on the European market. Interval has already established a significant presence in the GCC and MENA region, with its headquarters located in Dubai. Additionally, the company is actively considering Finland as the headquarters for its European expansion, further solidifying its global reach. Interval’s success story is a testament to the potential of innovative edtech solutions and their transformative impact on the global education landscape. As the company continues to grow, it exemplifies how startups from Kerala are making their mark on the international stage.


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