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    KidZania India and TVS Expand their First of a Kind Racing Experience for Children to Delhi NCR

    Published on June 3, 2023

      Delhi NCR  – After the successful launch of the First-Ever TVS Racing Experience Centre at KidZania Mumbai last month, 5th May 2023, both the leading brands, KidZania India, a leader in children’s edutainment park in partnership with TVS, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, has announced the launch of TVS Racing Experience Centre at KidZania Delhi NCR.

    The partnership will see TVS along with KidZania, curate an experience centre at KidZania’s parks in India to provide young visitors with a safe and controlled environment to experience the excitement of racing. The racing experience centre features real-life tracks, high-tech simulators, and authentic racing gears to provide children with an immersive and thrilling experience. Set to become a popular experience at KidZania, the aim is to inspire a passion for racing and provide children with an opportunity to learn about the sport in a fun and engaging way.

    To create innovative, engaging, and unforgettable experiences, KidZania has devised three engaging role-plays tailored to inspire and instil the values that make a champion racer. The experience centre will include activities for different age groups to maintain interest and harness learning. Activities such as bike assembly will encourage team participation, while the design studio and assembly point will provide in-depth knowledge about racing motorbikes. The racing simulators will give young visitors a sense of achievement through their first racing licence and a podium photo-op. Visitors can also access the racetrack on a TVS Apache minibike, providing an opportunity to race against other visitors.

    Expressing his enthusiasm at the launch of the experience centre at KidZania Delhi NCR, Rahul Dhamdhere, Chief Marketing Officer – KidZania India said, “We are delighted to partner with TVS in bringing this unique and immersive racing experience to the young riders of Mumbai and Delhi NCR. This collaboration represents a remarkable synergy between two industry leaders committed to fostering the development of young minds through experiential learning. Through this centre, we aim to inspire a passion for speed, innovation, and sportsmanship while providing a safe and thrilling environment for children to explore. Designed to ignite the imagination and curiosity of all its attendees, the TVS Racing Experience Centre will provide an unparalleled opportunity for budding racers to step into the driver’s seat. Following the edutainment path of KidZania, visitors at the Racing Experience Centre can look forward to an engaging and educational experience that teaches them the importance of teamwork, strategy, and discipline in the world of racing.”

    Vimal Sumbly, Head Business – Premium, TVS Motor Company, said, “We recently concluded a successful launch of our first experience centre in KidZania Mumbai, and are excited about the launch at the Delhi NCR centre. TVS Racing has always been at the forefront of promoting two-wheeler racing in the country, and we believe this unique experience will not only create a memorable experience for children but will also inspire and cultivate a passion for racing in the next generation. Driven by the philosophy that inspiration starts young, and aspiration starts younger, we aim to offer a fun and interactive experience for children to learn and experience the joy of racing in a safe and controlled environment. In line with this, we have launched our first ever TVS Racing virtual championship for these kids, to experience the world of motor racing at KidZania and get the opportunity to explore it in-depth.”

    The experience centre provides an immersive and interactive platform for visitors to engage in this activity zone. To ensure the safety and quality of the experience, the racing experience centre follows specific guidelines. For instance, eight children are welcomed at one go for a 15-minute activity, where they will be given a briefing session conducted by the Zupervisor on TVS racing history and the different activities available. Children can choose from four different role-plays, namely RR 310 assembly, RR 310 Design, TVS Racer using TVS Racing Simulator, and TVS Racing @ Racetrack. They will get to participate in these activities within the stipulated time allocated by the brand and are required to finish in time. All participants will receive a memento/souvenir – a photograph with a frame – making their thrilling experience a cherished memory. With such an amazing array of activities and the collaborative efforts of KidZania India and TVS, the experience centre will provide an unforgettable and enriching experience for all young racing enthusiasts.


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