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  • Tuesday, June, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:22:20
  • Vishakhapatnam : A patient Mr. L Sannibabu, aged 77 years was brought to casualty of KIMS ICON Hospitals, Vizag with complaints of severe shortness of breath and fever. Upon investigation, it is found that he has been suffering from similarcomplaints for the past 3 years. Doctors further got to know that he accidentally swallowed 25-paisa coin 30 years back, which was not removed.

    Dr. K. S. Phaneendra Kumar, Consultant Pulmonologist, KIMS ICON Hospitals, said “After initial treatment for his breathlessness and fever, the coin was removed with flexible bronchoscopy, a procedure in which a long, flexible tube with a camera is inserted into the lung, to remove the coin. The patient recovered well after the procedure and was discharged from the hospital. Generally, when a foreign body enters our body through airway, an immediate reaction of chocking. Only a small proportion of people end up having a delayed presentation of a foreign body in the lungs. A delayed diagnosis can lead to complications, including post obstructive pneumonia, or inflammation that occurs around the foreign body in the lungs. The same happened with the patient here. The inflammation and infection started very late and the patient experienced it’s ill effects now.”

    Mr. L Sannibabu, the patient said, “I swallowed that coin by accident. After that episode, I was very scared and visited many hospitals. As many doctors said that it needs no attention as it didn’t bother me. Once, a doctor tried to remove it but was not successful. Thanks to Dr. Phaneendra and the team here, my problem is cured completely.”