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  • Kiyaa—India’s First and Own 100% authentic Fashion Doll hits the market and now available online on Snapdeal, Amazon, Redlily

    Published on December 23, 2014

    Hyderabad: India, the abode for 120 crore people doesn’t have doll of own.  'Kiyaa'- India's Own Fashion Doll Launched seen in this pic is T. Sailaja Fashion Designer cum Entrepreneur pic1Hyderabad’s Startup Shel Studio Design n Events LLP, a fashion design studio hits up with an idea, worked on it for over years and now launches “Kiyaa”- which Indians can call the doll of their own.  It is India’s first ever 100% Authentic Fashion Doll states, Ms. Hima Sailaja Theerdhala VLSI Design Engineer turned into a Fashion Designer-cum-entrepreneur and ISB alumni.  Kiyaa  is the doll for girls and collectors who are looking for a doll that represents real Indian girl says Shailaja.

    Shel Studio has worked on the doll for many years.  We have already invested little over a INR ten million on product development, market seed program, Shailaja informed.  It is named  “‘Kiyaa’, means ‘cooing of the bird’ in Sanskrit. Kiyaa has realistic Indian face, features and contemporary teenage character.  It’s a premium Doll with Indian heart and soul that engages to impart values, culture and history to children” informs Sailaja.

    She is a teenager, an obedient daughter, a caring sister and a wonderful friend. Her features, values and lifestyle are true Indian. Kiyaa brings in learning values to kids. Her stories teach kids Indian culture, values and history.

    Her eyes are beautiful and bright with sharp nose like all Indian girls.  With her bindi and long black hair she is so adorable and captivates anyone as Indian girls do. It wears trendy Indian costume and jewelry. She adorns gorgeous pink and purple lehanga choli. Her silver jewelry is of perfect contemporary Indian teenager jewelry, which matches her lehanga giving trendy look yet traditional. Her hairstyle is that of Indian. Her braid with open hair represents her modernity rooted to Indian values. Open hair reflects independence which today’s girls are.

    Priced at Rs 698/- The sales channel chosen is online sale only.  It is now available on Snapdeal, Amazon, Redlily and soon will be available on Flipcart and Paytm and many electronic commerce stores.  

    Kiyaa has arisen lot of curiosity much before it is formally launched.  We already have couple of hundred firm orders.  We target  to sell 10,000 units in the next twelve months, Sailaja informed. 

     “Many children worldwide proudly own UAE ‘Fulla’, Korean “Pullip”, Iranian ‘Sara’ or American “Barbie”. We also have Indianised ‘Barbie, but, its character is still American teenager. “It is a matter of great pride for every Indian to idolize their own doll rather than western dolls or bollywood celebs” says Sailaja

    Kiyaa is positioned as a premium product. The target market segment will be Upper Middle Class and Upper Class, IT professionals, PIO’s and NRIs. These will be formally launched into Rs 7,500 crore Indian Toys market which is expected to grow to Rs 13,000 core by 2015. The Toy industry in India is growing at annual rate of 20% says Sailaja.

    Next year an entire portfolio comprising new dolls, accessories, comics will be launched.  In 2016, Kiyaa will go national with own stores that stocks dolls, garments, fashion accessories as well as diverse into birthday parties & workshops.