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  • KLH Hyderabad Campus Resonates with Innovation and Competitions with Ivarna Technical Events

    Published on February 27, 2024

     Hyderabad : KLH Hyderabad Campus saw sparks fly as the ‘Ivarna’ Technical Events- a National Level Techno-Cultural Fest electrified the campus. This two-day extravaganza ignited a fierce yet friendly competition among students at the KLH Aziz nagar campus. The event encouraged participants to present the best in a series of exhilarating contests designed to push their technical expertise to the limit. Beyond the thrill of competitions, this techno-fest events offered enticing rewards, cash prizes, valuable SIL Points, and even vouchers worth up to 1 lakh, making every click, code line, and problem solved a potential stepping-stone to success.

    The event was graced by the presence of eminent guests and industry experts who added a touch of brilliance to the festivities. Their participation elevated the event, providing valuable insights and inspiring students to reach greater heights in their pursuits. The exchange of ideas and experiences with these distinguished guests not only enriched the atmosphere but also added a layer of prestige to the already dynamic event, creating a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees.

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice-Chancellor, KL Deemed to be University, said, “As we navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape, the Ivarna Technical Events provide a crucial platform for expertise and collaboration. The diverse range of competitions reflects the spirit of creativity and problem-solving that defines our university. By hosting such events regularly, the university not only ignited a competitive spirit but also promotes a collaborative environment where students could learn from each other, share ideas, and push the boundaries of their potential. I commend the organizers and participants for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating a brighter future for all.”

    Six exciting contests at the Ivarna Technical fest pushed participants to identify their true potential. In the Battle with Code, programmers engaged in an epic showdown, where only the swiftest and most strategic coders emerged victorious. Code Conquer challenged participants to showcase their programming prowess through a series of tests designed to evaluate problem-solving skills and algorithmic thinking. The Circuino Challenge merged creativity and technical expertise, inviting participants to innovate with Arduino and bring ideas to life. Blind Coding tested coding skills under pressure, with the screen going dark, requiring only the most focused minds to prevail. Tech Tinker celebrated innovation in a hands-on extravaganza, where imagination and resourcefulness were the keys to success. Finally, Treasure Hunting brought excitement as participants uncovered hidden knowledge through puzzles and clues, challenging both logic and deduction skills. Each contest was a unique journey, pushing boundaries and igniting a fierce yet friendly competition among students.

    Beyond the technical arena, there were sports tournaments like Ivarna Premier League, Ivarna Indoor Games Tournament, Ivarna Volleyball League, Ivarna Kho-Kho Competitions which promoted teamwork and sportsmanship.  It also provided a platform for students to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers, and gain valuable real-world skills, leaving a lasting impression on all involved.

    Sharing the experience at the event, one of the students of KLH Bachupally Campus said that the event was a symphony of intellect and creativity. I loved the energy as it faced me off in thrilling contests. I feel it wasn’t just a competition but a journey that left me inspired and hungry for more. “I could feel the vibrant pulse of unity echoed through the air at the Campus. These tournaments and performances have left a mark on my memory. It is a celebration of our collective strength, passion, and the unifying power of culture and sports,” said one of the excited students of KLH Global Business School, Kondapur Campus student.

    Dr. A. Ramakrishna, Principal KLH Hyderabad Campus, Convener Dr. Srinivas, faculty members, and staff encouraged active participation from one and all in the event. The success of the event is a testament to the dedication and talent of the participants and left everyone eager for next year’s fest of this exciting tech extravaganza.


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