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  • Knowles Electronics Unaffected by Judge’s Ruling in Case against Analog Devices

    Published on December 27, 2010

    United States : Knowles Electronics has announced that a recent ruling by Judge Rogers of the International Trade Commission would not impact its ability to import its products into the United States. The ruling relates to certain patents owned by Analog Devices for methods of applying anti-stiction coatings. The use of anti-stiction coatings is common in the industry and Knowles uses various anti-stiction coatings and methods in the manufacture of its technology-leading microphone packages.

    Jeff Niew, President of Knowles Electronics, stated that “Knowles manufactures its microphone packages, along with other products, through a variety of methods. While we are disappointed with the Judge’s ruling and will seek further review from the ITC Commission, we remain unaffected in our ability to deliver our products to our customers, as the ruling applies to only one of those manufacturing methods”.

    Peter Loeppert, Chief Technical Officer of Knowles Acoustics, further stated, “As we seek to protect our rights via the legal process Knowles will continue to bring award-winning products to the market as it has for years. Further, this ruling will have no impact whatsoever on the ability of our customers to continue to use our products without interruption.”