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  • Wednesday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:07:42
  • The Universal PureClean is designed for ultimate hygiene with a gentle wash for women

    New Delhi : Keeping in the eye the rising standard of women’s hygiene and their concern to get something 24*7 convenient as well as affordable for their hygiene, wellness, and health, Kohler India introduces Universal PureClean. It provides an ultimate cleansing experience that advocates self-care for the women and their family members.

    The Universal PureClean is a women-centric product for hygiene with a delicate wash for women and convenient front-to-back cleansing. Its extra sleek 6mm body is known for its comfortable seating, leaving no gap, and is perfect for all seat types and bowl combinations. The Universal PureClean’s most important feature is its compatibility with your existing toilet with a Self-cleaning nozzle after every use. It has a retractable spray nozzle, which self-cleans itself with water automatically after every use.

    Commenting on the launch of Pureclean, Mr. Salil Sadanandan, Managing Director, Kohler Kitchen and Bath, India said, “We are very excited to announce the launch of the Universal PureClean bidet (toilet seat attachment). This product is specially designed to provide intimate hygiene and care for women. It is an attempt to meet the rising hygiene standards of Women. We aim to design products that have the potential of meeting with the concerns of consumer’s demand, providing ease, comfort, and most importantly, hygiene in their daily lives.”

    With the motive to fulfill the consumers need, Kohler’s Universal PureClean has a complete focus on front and rear wash to make sure the cleansing process feels like completing, especially to women. It has an additional benefit of self-sufficiency for children and hands-free hygiene for other members of the family to ensure the consumer wellbeing and to reach a higher consumer satisfaction. With this product, comfort, hygiene, and wellness of every individual in a household will be taken into consideration by a single washroom product.


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