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  • Koinage Records released a romantic track, Chann Vekhya, with budding artist Puran

    Published on April 9, 2022

    Chann Vekhya, a romantic Punjabi music track by Koinage Records, dropped on April 6 evening on their official YouTube channel. Chann Vekhya is sung and written by Puran Sidhu and music is produced by Sync.

    Chann Vekhya, directed by Garry Vilkhu, narrates a story of a guy who fell in love at first sight with a girl the moment he saw her.

    This mesmerizing refreshing saga of love is all about capturing the butterflies one feels when in love and the emotions that come along with it. The video is already being applauded and praised for its direction along with the chemistry between the lead actors. This cute romantic love story in Puran Sidhu’s voice is simply something you can’t miss to watch!!

    Talking about the release of Chann Vekhya, Puran Sidhu said, “Falling in love or being in love is a feeling that stays with you forever. You can simply never forget the face that gave you butterflies in the stomach the moment you saw it, and Chann Vekhya is my expression of that emotion. It is now released for everyone to listen to and see. I am truly grateful that Chann Vekhya is coming up with Koinage Records, and at the same time, I am eagerly waiting for the audience’s reaction to the song.”

    Koinage Records, Music Label, was established with the idea to create a platform that will let artists with the potential to showcase their talent to the world. They have also previously; launched songs with budding artists with immense potential and plan to bring forth many soon.

    They have already produced more than 80 songs in just a small span of 1.5 years in the different genres, from regional to indie, through their sub-labels. They plan to release another 20 by the end of 2022 with the various upcoming well-known artists.


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