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  • Korea’s ecological Capital, Suncheon, will host Korea’s first International Garden Expo

    Published on March 27, 2013

    Mumbai: The International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013 will take place across  Suncheon City, Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province) from April 20th to October 20th for a period of six-months.

    Authorized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), this expo invites garden lovers from around the world to visit and experience the spectacular gardens and magnificent wetlands.

    Over the last 150 years, International Garden Expos have been recognized throughout Europe, U.S. and Asia. They have mainly been developed as a way of urban restoration and environmental planning and protection. The host for a garden expo has normally been chosen by a vote by the 25 member countries of the   International Association of Horticultural Producers. Korea won its first opportunity to host a garden expo this year.

    The official emblem of the International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013 is ‘ECOGEO,’ symbolizing the combination of the ECO system and earth (GEO), and with its union of nature and people it is an excellent portrayal of the Expo.

    With Suncheon City, hosting the Expo in 2013, it also hopes to boasts the already existing value of Suncheon Bay, one of the world’s top 5 coastal wetlands. The expo will demonstrate how future cities could be. Afterwards,the expo site and wider city will be transformed into an ecological garden filled with trees and flowers. Suncheon restricts the expansion of the downtown area in the direction of the bay to ensure its preservation and form an ecological axis between them. In this way Suncheon will be reborn as a world-class level ecological city, and a global leader on the field of

    “Green Growing-Cities.”

    The visitor goal is aimed to 4.68 million people with 220,000 foreigner’s visiting the expo.

    The expo will be divided into three sections: the main expo site  (564,000m²), featuring 10 country gardens and 60 themed gardens; the International Wetland Center (100,500m²), featuring an animal/plant exhibition hall, a theater, an ecology learning hall, and a wetland experience hall; and an arboretum (253,000m²). Connecting the main expo site and the wetland center will be a bridge, constructed using freight containers decorated with 160,000 artworks created by children from all over the world.

    Some facts:

    World Garden

    The World Garden is an opportunity to enjoy the diverse and unique gardening cultures of  ten countries: Holland, China, France, Japan, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, and the U.K. and U.S. It will offer the same pleasure as traveling overseas.

    Themed Garden

    The themed garden will be developed in 33 sections by artists and corporations selected by a pubic contest. The corporate image or artist’s unique character will be expressed through the gardens. Garden designer Hwang Ji-hae, awarded top prize in the Chelsea Flower Show, U.K. with Seonamsa [Haeuso], will participate as an Expo advisory member.

    Medicinal Herb Center

    A medicinal herb cultivation garden of 160,000m2 will provide an opportunity to enjoy medicinal herbs. It is a space for hands-on experience healing for the various ailments of modern living.

    Children’s Play Garden

    It will offer children the opportunity to run freely through a garden dotted with well-known and beloved characters.

    International Wetlands Center

    From the road the International Wetlands Center resembles a hill, but thebuilding actually contains three floors with a total area of 105,000m2. The Center focuses on ‘living ecology’ and informs through an unfolding story about the birth and development of the wetlands and their coexistence with people by looking at crabs, mud flats, mudskippers and reeds.

    The potential of Suncheon Bay, including an 8000-year history of wetlands,reeds, wind and sound, will be presented using advanced technology. During the Expo period, diverse exhibitions, cultural events and international conferences on global environmental issues such as climate change will be held in the Expo Theme Pavilion. It will be a good opportunity to enjoy in person Suncheon Bay, a garden created by God.


    The Korean Garden, Garden Tree Experience Center, Rhododendron Center, andNamdo Forest will provide diverse information and interest about forests and gardens. In addition, they will be equipped with horticultural systems to observe various plants, as well as research and support for plant breeding. The Korean Garden, nestling among a natural Korean landscape and sentiment, will be divided into three sections for viewing: the Royal Garden, Scholar’s Garden, and Wish Garden, bearing the wishes of historical mothers. It is a garden that manifests and represents Korea.

    Dream Bridge

    Installation artist Gang Ik-Joong, who startled the world with his KoreanPavilion design in the Shanghai Expo, designed the Dream Bridge for this Expo. The recycled-container Dream Bridge will be a landmark of the Expo with the exhibition of 160,000 works of art on the theme of dreams drawn by children around the world.

    Suncheon Lake

    Charles Jencks, a world-famous architect-turned garden designer, created a

    space, {The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation}, on a 396,694 m² site in Scotland,and designed the beautiful Suncheon Lake, which will shine on the site of the International Garden Exposition in Suncheon Bay.


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