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Krishna Agro gets technology License of Bio Capsules from ICAR-IISR

Hyderabad: Krishna Agro Bio Products has been supplying Nanobiocapsules to Farmers for the past 6 years. Now Krishna Agro Bio products has licensed patented encapsulation technology developed by ICAR-lndian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode, Kerala.This technology involves Encapsulation of the Microorganisms of interest in a Gelatin Capsule for delivery to the agricultural crops for the enhanced soil nutrient solubilization, growth and yield. This technique can be used for delivering all kinds of agriculturally important micro-organisms, viz., N fixers, nutrient solubilizers / mobilizers, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), Trichoderma, Burkholderia, etc.

Mr. Suman, Marketing Head, Krishna Agro Bio Products stated regarding this tie-up, “Telangana and Andhra Pradeshhas at least 60-65 lakh farmers who can benefit through direct calls to our customer service. This approved technology will not only enable smart and precise delivery to crops, it will also maintain high microbial population. Additionally, it is stable in room temperature and has a high shelf life. Apartfrom KMB capsule which has been selling successfully for 6 years KABP will now be Manufacturing and Distributing other nutrient solubilisers / mobilisers directly to farmers by using E-com route through Krishna Agro Bio Products website & App. Through this initiative, we are certain that we are digging into a significant cost – saving solution for farmers and in effect adding to their profits.”

“This encapsulation technology meets the FCO requirement and hence can be easily used for coverage of more than 1 lakh acres, enabling bulk purchase for farmers”, he added.

The encapsulation technology boasts of additional key benefits for farmers. These include, Smart and precise microbial delivery to crops, Maintains high microbial population, Green technology, totally eco-friendly, Low production cost, Easy to handle and store, High shelf life, storage at normal temperature, Does not require sophisticated equipment for field application.

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