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  • Saturday, June, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:52:49
  • Pune (Maharastra: Kumbh Sandesh Yatra, aimed at spreading the message on the significance of Kumbh Mela, started in  Kanyakumari of Tamilnadu reaches MITSOG, Pune on Thursday. The 25 days Yatra is being organized by the Gramodaya Chamber of Commerce and Technology (GCOT) will cover 5000 kms before concluding in Haridwar. Started from Kanyakumari, the Rath Yatra will proceed to all four places where the Kumbh Mela is held including Nasik, Ujjain, and Prayagraj and reach Delhi and later to Haridwar. As the theme line of Kumbh Sandesh Yatra and mission 5151 is re-imagining India as the global parliament GCOT team would like to share action plan in elevating the Santh Dhyaneshwara dome visioned by Mr. Vishwanath Karad. In MITSOG Warm regards to Alumnus Dlehi Vasanth organizing secretary, GCoT.

    MITSOG Founder and Executive Director Mr Rahul Vishwanath Karad will be doing special arrangements for this unique efforts in view of this Yatra. Arranges interactive sessions with subject experts. They are Planning for  collaborative efforts. Proposal by GCOT a memorial award on the name of  Late TN Seshan may move forward.  KSY Visit of AUROBINDO society, vivekananda centre, Gandhi Gram University, Art of living center is boosting for the intellectual churn.

    Along the route, Kumbh Sandesh Yatra will cover the eight Jyotirlinga kshetras in the country.  In addition to the Preparatory journey, the total distance which the Yatra Covers around 7000 km said the organizers’ Mission  5151 team. Delhi Vasanth who was the organizing secretary of the yatra described that. “The event also involved reinvigorating ancient Indian practices and shunning the ‘imported’ western practices. Corona has proved that India’s traditional wisdom and folk practices prevailed over western thought. It is now time to wake up and get back to our roots”.

    The age-old practice of our Sages, Saints, and Rishis from different regions of the country coming to the Kumbh Melas to join together and share their acquired Knowledge and Wisdom to churn out a message in the context of the changing social scenarios is called Kumbh Sandesh.  It addresses the requirements in cyclical changes of Biological, Sociological, and All other aspects which may lead the human life. In view of the prevailing pandemic situation in the post-Covid world, we are initiating the Kumbh Sandesh Yatra to emphasise the relevance of the Kumbh Sandesh to civil societies across the world.

    Mankena Srinivasa Reddy Executive Chairman, Organising Committee, Kumbh Sandesh Yatra, Member, NAEB, Acharya Avinash Rai, National Spokesperson, Kumbh Sandesh Yatra, National Secretary, Bharatiya Jyothish Parishad, organized the Yatra.

    Preparatory Journey of Yatra:

    Kumbh Sandesh Yatra preparatory journey (Sannahaka yatra) was flagged off by MLC and Telangana Jagruthi president Kalvakuntla Kavita in Hyderabad along with Planning Commission Deputy Chairman B. Vinod Kumar on 19th February.  Thereafter the preparatory journey went through the pilgrimages off both Telugu states like Srisailam, Vijayawada, Tirupati to reach out to Kanyakumari. Started from Kanyakumari the yatra reached MIT, pune after 5 days of journey.


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