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  • Amazon Prime Video brings a special treat for its viewers this Onam with Kuruthi. Directed by Manu Warrier and with Prithivraj Sukumaran in the lead along with Roshan Mathew, Murali Gopi, Shine Tom Chacko, Srindaa, Mamukkoya, Manikandan Rajan, Navas Vallikkunnu, Sagar Surya and Naslen, this film releases globally on August 11, 2021 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should definitely put this movie in your watch list:

    1. The Cast

    What a stellar star cast! The actors of this film are critically and commercially well-known for their craft and have been appreciated by critics for their performances in other projects.  Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Srindaa, Murali Gopi, Shine Tom Chacko and Mamukkoya are artists who are known for their phenomenal acting prowess. The cast itself is a major factor for you to watch this film. After all, having the best together on screen, will surely be a visual and emotional treat.

    2. Gripping Storyline

    A great movie is directly proportional to a great story. Kuruthi is a story which is gripping and filled with drama. The thrill, chase, twists and turns in the movie will keep you right at the edge of your seat. This crime drama is sure to give viewers an instant intense adrenaline rush.

     3. Another masterpiece from Malayalam Film Industry

    Known for content which is unique and intense, Malayalam film industry has a plethora of some of the greatest movies being made in India in recent times. Their stories, shooting process, the way they experiment with diverse topics and approach are remarkable. Right from nail-biting thrillers, dramas that evoke varied emotions inside you, comedies, which will have you rolling on the floor laughing, to some amazing love stories that will make you fall in love, Malayalam movies have something for everyone. Kuruthi is yet another masterpiece from that stable.

    4. Best of Mammukoya

    Mammukoya is one of the veteran actors in the Malayalam film industry. Apart from working in Malayalam movies, Mammukoya has done French films as well. He is known for his comic roles and comic timing. He has been a part of more than 450 Malayalam films so far. Good news for Mammukoya fans out there waiting with much excitement to see him working with Prithviraj, the film is coming soon.

    5. A special treat for Onam

    Onam is a festival celebrated with family and friends. What better way to celebrate Onam than by watching a movie after a hearty sadhya. Kuruthi is coming on August 11, 2021 and fans have all the more reasons to celebrate Onam with this brilliant cast and amazing story. Book your date with Kuruthi exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. 


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