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  • Labsphere’s TOCS LED Measurement System Conforms to LM-79 and LM-80 with Single Instrument

    Published on October 21, 2010

    Mumbai : To more easily meet new reporting specifications, Labsphere’s new Thermal/Optical/Electrical LED Measurement Systems (TOCS) enables measurement of optical properties as a function of temperature and operating current using a single instrument. The TOCS complies with IESNA LM-79 standards, delivering accurate and reproducible LED measurements.

    Available in a range of integrating sphere sizes from 50cm to 193cm, the TOCS systems are designed for both 2pi and 4pi measurement geometries. A lamp measurement integrating sphere, high resolution CCD array spectrometer, thermal plate with temperature controller, auxiliary lamp, calibration source, power supply and Labsphere’s powerful TOCS-SS software comprise the basic system. Owners of current Labsphere and SphereOptics spectral lamp measurement systems may purchase an upgrade retrofit to the TOCS system to achieve LM-79 compliance.

    Labsphere’s TOCS-SS is a powerful, accurate software which automates procedures for measuring spectral characteristics, and controlling current and temperature. Users control LED temperature and operating current at specified ranges, measuring and characterizing the device under test over a wide temperature range. The simultaneously collected electrical, optical and thermal data is graphed for quick on-screen viewing and can be exported to Excel format for in-depth analysis.

    The TOCS can be customized with the integrating sphere size, calibration source and accessories to fit testing needs. To speak to someone about your unique applications please contact Vikrant Mahajan, Labsphere’s USA-based Applications Engineering Manager, on e-mail: [email protected] or telephone: +1 603 927 4266 (extension 2198).