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  • Large numbers of sex workers, Eunuchs and even HIV patients came to Vote for the first time in Mumbai

    Published on April 25, 2014

    Mumbai  : The South Mumbai constituency saw over 50,000 sex workers, 10,000 Shahbaj RathodEunuchs, and many HIV positive patients come to vote most of them for the first time. They were of the unanimous opinion that they have come to vote only because of the good work done by Mr. Shehbaj Rathod a social worker from their constituency.

    On speaking to a cross section, our correspondent was told that Mr. Shehbaj Rathod is the only candidate who has supported them in their times of need. “Any other candidate including the sitting Congress MP and Union Minister, Mr Milind Deora has neither paid a single visit to this area nor has come to them to even understand their problems, much less solve them. We have always been treated like dirt and ignored or looked down by the society. The people feel ashamed to be even seen in our area so how will they help us” was the general opinion of all of them.

    Ms Devika Netri, social activist representing sex workers from Kamatipura commented on Mr Rathod. “He (Shehbaj Rathod) is the first candidate to visit this area and share his plans not only for the development of this area, but also to facilitate the sex workers’ family with free education and medical aid,” she said.

    This time, Ms Netri said that, the sex workers have exercised their franchise for Mr Shehbaj Rathod. “We are confident that he wants to work for the people and with the people,” she said.

    All are hopeful of Mr. Shehbaj Rathod’s victory and are looking forward to a better future for themselves and their families.

    Source : Lokesh Shastri


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