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  • Wednesday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:13:07
  • Bollywood is known to give the name and fame to everyone whosoever has a dream. But to get entry and survive in Bollywood is not a cake walk. The actress who has a dream to work in the Bollywood often comes across casting couch but they have to be firm on their principles.

    Larissa Chakz, a new name in the Bollywood whose debut movie is Lafange Nawaab had shared some interesting facts about herself and about her role.
    Assam based Larrisa also had to suffer from the casting couch. She had waited a long time to get her debut role without sacrificing her values and principles. At the early age she had lost her father and with all the difficulties she managed to study and her love for dance and acting to get going parallel .When she realizes she want to pursue her career in acting, she moved to Delhi where she had actually faced the real world of  casting couch and compromises. But she didn’t give up and moved to Mumbai to live her dreams. She had done many stage shows also before getting into the Bollywood.
    About her film Lafange Nawaab Larissa Chakz said, when she had auditioned for the film she got selected for the role Further she said the film is a suspense thriller and really excited with her debut and her role in the film. Since she is an Assamese, she has to put extra effort in the dialogue delivery. She is also working on her vocal for Hindi.