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LastPass Announces New Integration with Google Workspace

The latest integration furthers the company’s mission to provide an unmatched security model for businesses, without adding complexity for users

LastPass by LogMeIn today announced a new integration with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) as part of its federated login services. With this latest addition, LastPass now has directory and federation integrations with four of the top identity providers (IdP) in the market, including ADFS, Azure AD, Okta and Google Workspace, making it easy to build LastPass into existing systems, enhancing security for businesses while simplifying the login process for end users.

Once an organization has their directory integrated with LastPass, employees experience a seamless login process that provides users access to LastPass using their corporate Google Workspace credentials – no additional password required. This method removes login complexities and password reset frustrations for users, as well as additional overhead costs, tools, and integrations for IT teams to manage.

Through the Google directory integration, employers can also automatically provision LastPass accounts to their employees to streamline adding and removing users. The integration is setup by IT through a one-time configuration, providing users with simplified access to their most used tools in a way that does not compromise on security.

 “LastPass is the leading password manager on the market, providing this level of security authentication for federated login integrations with identity providers,” said Dan DeMichele, VP of Product Management at LogMeIn. “Between this new integration with Google Workspace, and the combination of zero-knowledge infrastructure and multi-key approach, this security model that is unique to LastPass offers a level of security uncommon with such a simple login experience. This ensures the keys used to unlock a user’s vault only reunite locally on the end-user’s device.”

The benefits of federated login through LastPass include:

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