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  • Launch of 5G in India: Reactions from Industry leaders

    Published on October 1, 2022

    “The launch of 5G services in India is a great move by the government towards building a digital-native community. By equipping us with high speed internet, low latency, and massive capacity, 5G will enable us to derive maximum benefits out of today’s highly distributed world of cloud, edge devices, and artificial intelligence. I think it would be interesting to witness 5G disrupting our lives further and leading to the creation of new industries, products and business models. While 4G unlocked the app economy, 5G is poised to unleash the true potential of a digital and connected India that we live in today.”

    –          Kunal Nagarkatti, CEO, Clover Infotech          

    “5G will be a game-changer for tech transformation in India – We are increasingly seeing players in the technology industry and business community invest in building edge-computing environments to support AI-driven IoT. The advances it will bring – everything from self-driving cars and smart cities, to connected healthcare and industrial IoT, will truly revolutionize every sector and open new avenues for businesses across regions. 5G, with its machine-to-machine connectivity, will lead to an exponential increase in data. How enterprises leverage this data is what will define their future success.”

    –          Puneet Gupta, Managing Director & VP India/Saarc, NetApp


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