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  • Lavleen Kaur conducts seminar on Start-ups and innovation, shares her entrepreneurial journey

    Published on February 21, 2020

    The Government Home Science College, Chandigarh organized a National Seminar “Home Science: Nurturing Innovations and Skill Development” yesterday. The seminar was sponsored by the College Development Council, Panjab University, Chandigarh. A panel discussion was held on the theme of “Start-ups, Innovations and Entrepreneurship” and former student Ms. Lavleen Kaur was invited as one of the panelists, who is now a leading dietitian, clinical nutritionist & lifestyle coach. The seminar was conferred with the presence of Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal cum Chief Convener, Dr. Sangeeta Dewan, Convener, Dr. Rupinder Kaur Ghumman, Co-Convener along with other distinguished staff members of the college and the students.

    The aim of organizing the seminar was to motivate the girl students at the college to undertake their entrepreneurial or startup ideas with a vision to succeed. The seminar deliberated upon the mélange of innovative ideas that can be utilized to tap the creative potential of the youth of India.

    “The Prime Minister of India has called the decade 2010-20 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’, to unleash the creative potential of every Indian. In sync with a national campaign, the field of Home science being vast and diverse is the perfect means of supporting and achieving this national endeavor”, said the team of organizers.

    Lavleen Kaur, alumni of Government Home Science College shared her success mantra and her journey so far during this seminar. She holds a remarkable successful career by holding the degrees of M.Sc. Foods & Nutrition, M.Ed. General, PGD. Health & Family Welfare, B.Sc. Home Science, B.Ed., and qualified in CTET and UGC NET.

    She started her journey in the year 2014 when she founded “Diet Insight” from a corner of her house with the vision to clear misconceptions about food and educate people on how healthy eating habits along with lifestyle changes can positively impact their lives and improve their overall wellbeing.

    Lavleen while addressing the students said, “The journey wasn’t easy. The challenges of a startup can make up or break up the entire setup. I personally experienced fear of client acquisition and of results thereafter. However, with confidence and support in no time, the fear converted to confidence”.  There was no looking back for Lavleen after this. In the year 2015, her startup stepped into digitization and team expansion. From creating a website to developing a strong presence on social media, Diet Insight started spreading its colors across.

    She further mentioned that from healing cancer patients to curing PCOD, from helping people lose weight to managing diabetes and arthritis, the success stories started achieving new heights. Addressing the gathering she explained how small opportunities can create recognition which makes an entrepreneur reach a greater audience that results in growth.

    Hard work always pays off and that is the mantra Lavleen follows and shares with the audience. She was awarded the title ‘Best Dietitian in Tricity’ at the Global Lifestyle Awards held in New Delhi in 2015. Then in 2016, she was recognized as ‘Most promising youngest dietitian in North India’ at the International Healthcare Awards. This award was bestowed by chief guest Virender Sehwag. Her most recent recognition in 2019 was at the International Excellence Awards, Malaysia where she got the title ‘Best Dietitian in Chandigarh’ by actress Kareena Kapoor.

    Lavleen stated that apart from the hard work and luck there are 4 most important people you need in life to succeed. She said for her it was her mentor, her friends and relatives, critics, and her own self. Without believing in yourself nothing is possible to achieve. Though the journey was full of ups and downs, the same also taught her many lessons.

    “My journey taught me that innovation can be simple and not always complicated. Think for the short term and adapt to it, work hard, and play harder. Do not be afraid to take risks, work selflessly from the heart; persistence is the key and never forget to celebrate small wins”, said Lavleen.

    The students at the college gained new heights of motivation after the seminar and thanked Lavleen Kaur for sharing her inspiring journey. Prof. Sudha Katyal, Principal cum Chief Convener concluded the seminar by presenting Lavleen the memento.


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