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  • Lead Trainer at Rhpasody Rated as the Best IFRS Trainer by CAG India

    Published on February 15, 2011

    Uttar Pradesh: Ravindra Vadali, the lead IFRS trainer at Rhapsody, received the highest ratings as an IFRS trainer at the trainings conducted for the participants from the Office of C&AG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) in May 2010 – out of 9 trainers and again in December 2010 – out of 10 trainers. It is a great milestone achieved by Rhapsody in the field of training for IFRS in India. Office of C&AG is the highest authority for audit in India and receiving the best IFRS trainer rating from its officers is a remarkable performance in itself. The participants comprised various levels within C&AG

    Director General at the office of CAG, wrote in the appreciation letter dated 24 December 2010 (with respect to the December 2010 Training), “It gives me great pleasure to convey my immense and heartfelt thanks for the IFRS lectures delivered by you (Ravindra Vadali) at International Centre for the Information Systems and Audit (ICISA) during our training programme on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Your training sessions covering IAS 27, 28 and 31 were well appreciated by all the participants. In the field on public auditing, need for such training can hardly be overemphasized. We would like to benefit from your expertise in this regards in our future courses as well. We look forward to more such interactions.”

    For the May session (feedback which has been posted on the ICISA website) Out of the 9 trainers, Ravindra Vadali from Rhapsody received the highest ratings as an IFRS Trainer from the training participants. The following were the ratings received by Ravindra Vadali in all the IFRS training performance areas:

    – Pace of IFRS training presentation – 8.53 out of 10 (faculty average was 7.75)

    – Clarity of IFRS concepts and technical terms – 9 out of 10, (faculty average was 8.15)

    – Structuring & presentation of information – 8.93 (faculty average was 7.92)

    – Atmosphere of session – 8.87 (faculty average was 8.12)

    – Overall performance – 8.98 (faculty average was 8.11)

    (All the above ratings have been officially announced by the Office of CAG). The feedback for the December 2010 session is yet to be posted on the website.

    Ravindra Vadali, the lead trainer at Rhapsody is also a permanent faculty at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for Advanced IFRS Certification course. Ravindra Vadali of Rhapsody is also permanent Faculty for IFRS at the National Institute of Financial Management and is associated with Institute of Internal auditors. Ravindra Vadali has conducted numerous IFRS trainings and has trained more than 700 professionals, corporate and students till date. He has received excellent reviews and feedback from all these sessions. Ravindra Vadali who specialises in IFRS/GAAP/accounting has developed a scientific, practical and objective IFRS training course/modules based on last 7 years working experience in the field of IFRS, which has appealed to the participants during the IFRS training sessions.


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