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  • Leading Space Education Company of India now a Registered Space Tutor of ISRO – Education to get a whole new meaning through Experiential learning!

    Published on August 25, 2023


    In a monumental step towards advancing space education, SPACE India, a trailblazing figure in the field, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as an official Space Tutor. This partnership represents a significant milestone in space education, as SPACE India leverages its expertise to enrich the learning experiences of aspiring space enthusiasts around the world.

    The Registered Space Tutor program is a unique initiative created by India’s National Space Agency, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in 2022. ISRO’s aim for this program is to engage with various individuals and organisations across India that promote space education. This includes creating an awareness of space activities and applications, encouraging the development of scientific temperament, and inspiring a culture of innovative thinking amongst the students.

    ISRO spokesperson in a statement said, “ISRO recognises that, over the years, several institutions have come up with their own framework to teach space science and technology to students. This usually consists of books and lab works that coexist with the regular classroom curriculum. Additionally, content creators and online educators who make use of social media and mobile applications create a virtual classroom to engage with students. SPACE India has stood out in its quest for quality space education and would add tremendously to the ISRO Space Tutor program”.

    By being a Registered Space Tutor, SPACE India, with 23-years legacy in curating content around Astronomy, Space Science and STEM Education and Experiences will be able to access a wide range of resources created and provided by ISRO. These include videos, presentations, and interactive activities among others. The company looks forward to alleviating its existing programs by utilizing these resources. Through this collaboration, ISRO’s esteemed value will help propagate the need of Space Science faster and bring higher enthusiasm for opting to learn and build a career in marquee field of Space Science.

    Dr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD, SPACE India said, “As an ISRO Space Tutor, Space India is honored to contribute to our nation’s effort to nurture scientific temperament while fostering a passion for space exploration among our students. We look forward to continue delivering high-quality space education and empowering young minds to unlock their potential as they discover more about the fascinating reality of space. SPACE India embraces the opportunity to cultivate the next generation of space enthusiasts and professionals”.

    SPACE India, the Space Tutor of ISRO, will enhance the subject matter topics that includes application of satellites, space missions, rockets, stars, etc, with more in-hand insights from ISRO’s research projects and missions. As an official Space Tutor, through close collaborations with ISRO, the sessions will be more informative.


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