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  • Leading West Michigan Interventional Cardiologists Form New Practice

    Published on July 16, 2018

    Grand Rapids, Michigan : Leading West Michigan interventional cardiologists Dr. Jihad Mustapha and Dr. Fadi Saab have partnered to launch Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers in Grand Rapids.


    Widely known as “The Leg Savers,” they have been joined by Dr. Syed Alam, a leading vascular surgeon from Kalamazoo, and Elizabeth Sayers, physician assistant, to provide highly personalized and comprehensive cardiac, vascular and vein care. Supported by a passionate team of health care providers, ACV Centers has a special concentration on treating peripheral artery disease, or PAD, and the complications of critical limb ischemia, or CLI.


    Mustapha and Saab, who are also uncle-nephew, have a combined 22 years of practice saving hundreds of feet and legs from amputation. They utilize advanced tools – some of which they have invented – to remove blockages from arteries, returning blood flow and improving circulation.


    Their new practice, which is located at 1525 E. Beltline Ave. NE in Grand Rapids, began accepting patients in February.


    “Our mission is simple: We want to heal patients who receive the devastating news that they may lose a limb,” Mustapha explained. “For the past decade, I have been privileged to focus my practice on developing successful interventions for PAD and CLI, helping restore circulation while preventing amputations.


    “We wanted the opportunity to create a space where we can provide medical care that saves limbs – and lives – and puts our patients back in control of their health. Establishing ACV Centers allows us to provide highly personalized care to each patient, giving us the time we need to focus on our patients with vascular issues.”


    ACV physicians partner with primary care providers, podiatrists and wound care professionals to treat all aspects of cardiac and vascular health.


    Using leading-edge technology and tools – some of which have been pioneered by Mustapha – ACV physicians regularly perform the full spectrum of endovascular cardiac and endovascular and surgical vascular procedures.


    PAD is a common circulation problem that occurs when arteries that carry blood throughout the body become narrowed or blocked, restricting blood flow to feet, legs and other areas. Those who smoke, have diabetes or chronic kidney disease or suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol are candidates for PAD. Left untreated, PAD can lead to tissue loss, gangrene, amputations and eventually death.


    Mustapha and Saab have made it their lives’ work to treat PAD and to prevent amputations. A recent letter published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology: Cardiovascular Interventions, authored by Mustapha and the CLI Global Society Board, shared study results showing the mortality rate after a CLI diagnosis is higher than five-year rates for many kinds of cancer.


    “The statistics are not good, which makes the work we are doing to diagnose and treat PAD and CLI even more urgent,” explained Saab. “ACV Centers is dedicated to preventing amputations – and to extending lives.


    “Our patients often come to us seeking a second opinion after amputation is recommended. Prevention CAN be the solution, and we partner with our patients and their families to provide second chances.”


    Mustapha and Saab plan to use ACV Centers as a national model for amputation prevention, opening centers throughout the United States. A second center will be opening this fall in Lansing, Michigan, led by Alam.


    Mustapha is recognized the world over for his groundbreaking work in critical limb ischemia and limb salvage. Patients regularly travel across the country – and from around the globe – to be seen by Mustapha. He teaches his techniques to physicians from around the world as well, both in private sessions and at the annual AMPutation Prevention Symposium, which he founded and serves as a director on. He is also the founding board member of the CLI Global Society.


    Saab is a leader in the field of peripheral vascular disease and has authored many papers on the topic. He has traveled throughout the world lecturing, training and teaching many of his peers on the intricate and strategic work involved in treating CLI. He also specializes in treating varicose veins and cardiac issues, including high blood pressure and carotid artery disease.


    Alam focuses his surgical and endovascular practice on limb preservation, aortic pathology, carotid artery disease, stroke prevention and dialysis access. Like his colleagues, Alam takes a people-centered approach to practicing medicine.


    “The most important part of me being a good surgeon completely revolves around good patient care,” Alam said. “My job is to make sure the patient is well taken care of. And if I can prolong their life and decrease their suffering, that’s what it’s all about.”


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