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  • Learn To Choose The Right Sports Betting Site

    Published on June 20, 2020

    Sports betting has been popular for decades now, and the internet has only made it easier for gamblers to bet on a variety of sports and games. The net worth of the online gambling market was $46 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $114.21 billion in the years 2020-2024.

    As a punter, you need to make sure you place your money on the safe betting platform. Choosing the right online game betting sites can enhance your experience and of course, prevent you from getting conned by fake bets. While you may not find a single site that provides everything, here are some tips to remember when choosing an online betting site.

    1. Read up about betting sites

    Like any other service or business, search and gather information about the betting site: customer reviews, legal gambling license, betting rules and fairness of the site. Find out further information about betting and withdrawal options, minimum initial deposit etc.

    1. What Sports are Covered?

    Different online game betting sites cater to different games and sports based on factors like market size, the popularity of a sport in a region etc. Similarly, you would want to place bets only on certain games. For example, across the world, football is the most popular sport to bet on, so you will find many online bookmakers for football. Cricket is popular only in a few countries, so you would rather trust an Indian/Australian bookmaker catering to cricket rather than an American one.

    1. Customer Service and Interaction  

    What happens when the site crashes or if you don’t get your payment? You don’t walk up to the bookmaker in online game betting like you would in a casino! So, it is important to also find out on how you can interact with the bookmaker apart from his website: perhaps through an official Facebook or Instagram page or a physical office located somewhere with a telephone number. Having a help centre and an FAQ section to address common or recurring problems is a sign of good customer service.

    1. Payment Options

    How easily you can pay and get money from online game betting sites is another factor that determines the ease of customer interaction. Among cheques, e-wallets, credit/debit cards (possibly not all banks), online transfers and other modes of payment, check if the bookmaker offers the facility that you are most comfortable using.

    1. Payment Security and Payout Options 

    Check if the online game betting site is using a secured and encrypted domain and if they have legitimate payment security certificates. Not only must your money be safe, but your payments must also come through safely and on time. Read about the payment possibilities, how soon you will get your money and if there’s some fee associated with these transactions.

    1. Go Mobile  

    It is another great convenience for punters if they can access the online game betting site via a mobile app. Now anyone can place bets in the middle of a game when riding the subway or when having dinner. Look for betting sites with fully-functional Android or iOS apps.

    1. Options for First-timers

    If you have placed bets before, some sites attract new punters by offering benefits like free initial bets and tutorials/articles for novices to get them started on betting.

    Summing up:

    Whatever factors you are looking for in an online game betting site – including these seven parameters – find the site that checks all or most of the boxes at SuperLenny. Not only must you be comfortable with the skill of placing bets, but your experience on the site must be excellent as well.