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  • Learners Complete Certifications Every Minute on Simpliearn’s Skillup Platform and Share Their Success on LinkedIn

    Published on April 19, 2024

     Bengaluru  — Simplilearn, the world’s leading online bootcamp for digital skills training, proudly announces a significant milestone on its innovative learning platform, SkillUp. With over 1,50,000 monthly registrations, SkillUp has witnessed an extraordinary feat – with over 30,000 learners completing courses and unlocking certificates monthly, translating to one certificate earned every minute. Learners post their success on LinkedIn post course completion, and this accomplishment reaffirms the core mission of SkillUp, Simplilearn’s flagship platform, designed to promote continuous learning and digital upskilling globally, empowering learners to explore diverse digital domains and acquire essential skills vital for thriving in the digital economy.

    The platform aims to address the persisting skills gap in the market. It offers diverse courses ranging from data science to artificial intelligence, cloud computing to cybersecurity, data analytics to Gen AI and many others.  SkillUp ensures that learners can access top-notch content and resources without financial barriers. The most in-demand topics for learning on SkillUp include Gen AI/ ChatGPT, Power BI, Applied Data Science with Python, SQL, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Front-end Development, Digital Marketing and Project Management.

    Through SkillUp, thousands of learners can explore and learn newer skills every day at no cost and daily share their certificates on LinkedIn, signifying remarkable achievements. These demonstrate the growing demand for accessible and high-quality digital education, highlighting enrollment, active user progression, and completion. The achievement of learners unlocking a certificate every minute underscores the effectiveness and popularity of SkillUp as a platform for continuous learning. By providing a platform where learning becomes a habit without financial constraints, Simplilearn democratizes education and facilitates career advancement for professionals worldwide.

    “SkillUp’s success in enabling learners to learn new skills and unlock certificates at such an impressive rate is a testament to our commitment to providing accessible and effective online education,” said Mr. Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of Simplilearn. “We believe in empowering individuals to upskill and succeed in the digital economy, and SkillUp plays a crucial role in realizing this vision.”

    With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, the demand for upskilling and reskilling has never been more critical. SkillUp is dedicated to bridging the skills gap by offering flexible, comprehensive, cost-effective learning solutions.


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