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  • Tuesday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:43:20
  •  Mumbai: Legend 1942 is an enchanting range of luxe perfumes inspired from and made with select ingredients that celebrate the rich natural and cultural legacy of India. Legend 1942 has been co-founded by Anuradha Sansar, a seasoned fragrance professional and globally acclaimed brand strategist.

    Legend 1942 is born of a philosophy that fragrance, much like clothing, can be a means of expression. Each offering encapsulates diverse moods, occasions and seasons.

    It allows the wearer to accentuate distinct looks and feelings. Legend 1942 celebrates the vibrant spirit of India and the new breed of global Indians. The blends are modern expressions crafted from timeless ingredients like jasmine, lavender, saffron, sandalwood, rose, davana and pink champaca. The fragrances are designed to truly come alive when you wear them. They mirror your passion. And your individuality. It is after all, the energy of you. In a bottle.

    Created for him, for her, for anyone with an appreciation for intriguing alchemies, this distinctly gender fluid collection comprises three variants, Flamboyance, Heritage and In-DNA. Each of these variants has two sub-variants, Black and White, symbolising the yin and yang.

    Legend 1942 is an ode to the rich aromatic legacy of India blended with her famed energy. The brand acknowledges and celebrates the role of the farmer in its creation. The rarefied olfactory experience is a result of the farmers toil. The brand actively ensures their well-being by providing them access to education, financial resources and sustainable agricultural practices.

    Anuradha Sansar, Co-founder and CEO Legend 1942 quotes, “Our vision is to make Legend 1942 a homegrown luxury brand that offers a truly world class olfactory experience. We’ve set out to change the narrative around Made in India fragrances, one conversation at a time. With India as our muse and our farmers as inspiration, we are here to take our homeland’s aromatic legacy to its deserved fruition.”

    The collection is available online, starting at Rs. 3,000 for 30ml.


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