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  • LEGO Brand Value Highest At $6.5B, More Than the Rest Top 10 Toy Brands Combined

    Published on December 16, 2020

    Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that Lego is the most valuable toy company with a brand value of $6.5 billion. The value is as of December 2020.

    Cumulatively, the brand value of the top ten toy companies stands at $11.8 billion, with Lego accounting for 55.5%. Bandai Namco has the second-highest brand value at $1.9 billion, which is at least three times less than Lego.

    Fisher-Price is third with a value of $0.65 billion, followed by Nerf at $0.58 billion. Pop! Has the fifth-highest brand value at $0.47 billion.

    Barbie lies sixth at $0.44 billion, followed by Mobile Suit Gundam at $0.32 billion. Hasbro has the eighth highest brand value at $0.32 billion, followed by My Little Pony at $0.3 billion, while Hot Wheels ranks in the tenth spot with a brand value of $272 million.

    Notably, the Lego brand value soared in 2020. According to the research report:

    “Lego’s brand value recorded significant gains in 2020 as more adults joined children in playing. The company witnessed a surge in revenues due to more families playing together and more adults playing its harder-to-build sets during the coronavirus pandemic. Notably, most adults were interested in jigsaws and board games as families spend more time together. With the onslaught of the pandemic, most brands have been impacted negatively. However, the pandemic has not dampened Lego’s forward momentum.”

    Lego most popular brand on YouTube

    The Buy Shares research also overviewed the most popular brands on YouTube, where Lego emerged top with about 10.04 billion views. Vat19 is second at 5.84 billion, followed by IDJVideos.TV at 4.49 billion. Angry Birds is fourth with 4.46 billion.

    Kids TV HD EggVideos is fifth with 4.25 billion views, followed by ĐÔNG TÂY at 3.38 billion. Beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola has 3.28 billion views.

    Oddbods is eight with 3.13 billion views, followed by My Little Pony Official with 2.85 billion views. MundoBitaVEVO is tenth with 2.52 billion views.


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