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Leher Creator Program will empower Indian content creators with funding and CSOPs

The program outlines opportunities for content creators to receive funding in the form of cash rewards and equity worth Rs. 1 crore 

 Leher, India’s first audio-video social networking app, is empowering community moderators and creators to live their dream of becoming an influencer via its newly launched Creator Program. Community moderators, content creators, and influencers signing up for the program will have the freedom to build communities from scratch that will not only enrich communication but also monetize their efforts in the form of milestones. These milestones set by the platform will empower the moderators to earn Leher money that can later be encashed to their accounts.

The said community moderators can earn money directly from the members (like a Patreon program) or in the form of rewards. Via Leher’s creator centric approach, the platform encourages moderators conceptualise new ideas and foster communities to bring like-minded folks together. In addition to cash awards up to Rs.1,00,000 monthly, creators/community moderators also have the option to receive community stock options (Grant-Community Stock Options-CSOP) for a more diversified financial portfolio as Leher grows along with them.

Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder & CEO, states, “Most social media platforms have a traditional approach to content creation. However, Leher seeks to be different via its Creator Program to enable community moderators and content creators to monetize their content and community-building talent. This is a great incentive and brings in the influencer prestige a notch above in the other underserved influencer marketing industry. Our priority is to help our creators and moderators craft and regulate the best of content. Furthermore, our training module and special features enable them to deploy top quality tools to hone their craft.”

Members of the Creator Program will have access to its unique features like record audio/video rooms, advanced community analytics, engagement tools, and priority access that will further amplify their efforts to build shareable and relevant content. Furthermore, it’s Training & Support module, and Exclusivity & Discovery feature is the cherry on (monetisation) top. The select communities and moderators will also receive a special recommendation from Leher and a verified badge to ensure an expansive reach to the target audience.

The Content Creator Program by Leher offers long-term incentives to its creators, who can now sign up to get started.

Downloaded over 3,00,000 times, Leher provides community moderators and content creators a platform to craft conversations around common topics, foster exclusive communities and bring like-minded people from all walks of life together.

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