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  • Saturday, October, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:37:49
  • The first-generation LS debuted in 1989 and built the foundation of Lexus with the high praise earned by its exceptional quietness and comfort. Chief Branding Officer and Master Driver Akio Toyoda positions the LS–in all its generations–as “a model that gives rise to transformation through the spirit of constant innovation and by providing new technologies and value for the times”. As the flagship sedan of the Lexus brand, the LS has cumulatively sold 870 thousand(1) units, gaining popularity over a span of more than 30 years and in more than 90 countries and regions. The debut in 2017 of the fifth-generation LS, with its daring coupe silhouette and the offering of an emotional driving experience, marked the execution of a momentous transformation.

    For this latest update, engineers focused on elevating the sedan’s levels of comfort, quiet and overall refinement to help balance a range of new dynamic improvements dictated by the brand’s Lexus Driving Signature initiative. This philosophy applies detailed tuning, thoughtful component updates and control surface upgrades to help drive Lexus products to a new standard of vehicle control, balance and ultimately, driver confidence. Expanding on this, developed with the aim of greatly enhancing the exceptional quietness and comfort that represent the Lexus DNA, is the culmination of thorough craftsmanship applied to even the smallest component–all the way from the vehicle’s powertrain and suspension to the positioning of the stitch points of the seats. The new LS features Lexus Teammate, which is the latest in advanced driving assist technologies. To achieve driving assist that provides occupants with a sense of security, Lexus not only thoroughly honed essential fundamental vehicle performance but also incorporated AI technologies centered on deep learning for predicting and responding to various situations possibly encountered during driving. Furthermore, by applying an uncompromising approach to system control that incorporates the driving operation of expert drivers(2), safe and superb driving stability has been made possible even when road conditions are complicated. These advances are part of the aim of Lexus to provide a safe and secure mobility experience that is considerate of people’s sensibilities. This system appears first in the Japanese market for adoption later in other markets (timing specified by regional markets).

    Furthermore, the new LS is available in Gin-ei Luster, a new exterior panel color that achieves deep shadows and robust highlights, enabled by new paint technology. On the inside, in addition to the use of a touchscreen for improved operability, Lexus paid thoroughly uncompromising attention to detail through a collaboration involving traditional Japanese crafts such as Nishijin brocade and metal leaf decoration, aiming to create a high-quality interior atmosphere suitable for a brand flagship.

    Lexus International President Koji Sato

    “The LS, as a flagship, has constantly pursued innovation and has provided new technologies and value for its customers. In developing the new LS announced today, we furthered the evolution of the exceptional quietness and comfort that has been a steadfast constant since the model’s first-generation, and, by employing the advanced driving assist technologies of Lexus Teammate, we aimed for a mobility experience that is much safer and more secured than before. This means reduced driver burden from the operation of the accelerator, brakes, and steering, allowing the driver to focus more on overall driving. Also, as can be accomplished precisely because we are an automobile company well-versed in the relationship between car and driver, driving assist that achieves riding comfort as if an expert driver was behind the wheel and a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables the car and the driver to converse and to constantly and correctly grasp each other’s condition create a sense of security. Furthermore, in the process of developing such, we drastically enhanced and evolved fundamental vehicle performance. Lexus, based on its human-centered approach, will continue to take up challenges, and we intend to keep on delivering experiences that bring abundance to the lifestyles of each and every one of our customers.”

    LS Main Features

    Evolution of the Lexus DNA for exceptional quietness and comfort

    Lexus International Takumi Yoshiaki Ito

    “In pursuing high-quality driving performance, which is the starting point of the LS, the entire team united and tenaciously searched for elements that needed to be improved. Placing importance on people’s sensibilities, we thoroughly addressed every detail of the components and control systems related to driving performance, including quietness and ride comfort, ranging, for example, from the internal structure of the tires to the feel experienced when sitting in the seats and the acceleration response in daily driving. Also, I believe that, in the process of pursuing vehicle behavior that is ideal during Lexus Teammate driving assist, the fundamental vehicle performance of the new LS has been greatly honed, resulting in the further evolution of the high-quality driving expected of a brand flagship.”

    – A newly developed Adaptive Variable Suspension solenoid reduces damping force, while the vertical spring rate (stiffness) of the run-flat tires and the rigidity of the stabilizer bars provide optimized performance. Also, the orifice inside the engine mounts has been changed so as to alter damping characteristics, resulting in a reduction in vibrations transmitted to the vehicle’s cabin.
    – Seat coverings feature deeper stitch points, and underlying seat pads feature low-resilience urethane. Vibration absorption and soft seating contribute to even more enhanced comfort.
    – In the LS 500h hybrid version of the new LS, increased battery assist during acceleration at often-used driving speeds so as to contribute to strain-free acceleration. Additionally, quietness has been improved by lowering maximum engine revolutions during departure acceleration.
    – In the LS 500 gasoline-engine version of the new LS, improved initial engine torque at often-used driving speeds leads to greater acceleration response. Improved shift timing and a wider acceleration range for each gear has resulted in less-frequent downshifts. These improvements make possible driving that is powerful and with room to spare.
    – Both the hybrid version and the gasoline-engine version of the new LS have undergone Active Noise Control and Engine Sound Enhancement tuning for improved quietness.

    Application of Lexus Teammate–the latest in advanced driving assist technologies in a system that is considerate of human driving sensibilities

    Advanced Safety System Field Senior General Manager Ken Koibuchi of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Advanced R&D and Engineering Company

    “Lexus Teammate was developed based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, which is an original Toyota Motor Corporation approach to autonomous driving, in which people and cars communicate like friends, reach out to each other for mutual enhancement, and drive together. Lexus Teammate technology has five characteristics: ‘Perceptive’, ‘Intelligent’, ‘Interactive’, ‘Reliable’, and ‘Upgradable’. Advanced Drive performs peripheral recognition, estimates vehicle position, calculates vehicle lane and position, adjusts speed, and conducts other tasks on motor-vehicle-only roadways for safe driving support all the way to the roadway exit. In various driving situations, such as when going through curves and when overtaking other vehicles, it provides the kind of comfortable driving feeling produced by expert drivers. Advanced Park, which provides parking assist through driver operation of intuitive controls, automatically controls acceleration, braking, and gear changes. It not only provides people with safety as a matter of course but also with a parking experience that gives them a sense of precision and security.

    Furthermore, Lexus Teammate can seamlessly incorporate future software updates that allow functions to be continually added and performance to be continually enhanced to meet customer needs. Through Lexus Teammate software upgrades and customization, a person’s vehicle can truly become a valued partner. Drivers and their cars work together as teammates and complement each other’s efforts to create and maintain safe driving and comfortable mobility. Even among such technology advances, humans are always at the center of the driving experience, which is something upon which Lexus Teammate insists.”