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  • LG’s Cinema 3D Television Makes it Big in The Consumer Electronics Show – 2011

    Published on January 20, 2011

    New Delhi: Globally renowned Consumer Electronics Show – Jan.2011 being held in Las Vegas Convention Center has been a great platform for showcasing the best of the technology that are for today’s generation, the need of the hour. The gadgets showcased fulfill high purposes and make our lives a bit simpler and entertaining. Many may refer to them as ‘peculiar’, but these outrageous works of art are deemed as ‘Bizarre is beautiful’ in everyone’s life. Gadgets revealed at the Annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are bound to make a difference for years to come.

    Amongst many in the show, LG Electronics- won applauds for it’s newly fangled Cinema 3D TV. Gadgets like these being introduced by LG Electronics stand by their line of making life good. The new FPR (Film-type Patterned Retarder) 3D has removed any kind of dizziness or eye fatigue caused by flicker and crosstalk from current existing shutter glass 3D TV. Talking about the glasses that come along with the TV, this year LG Electronics Inc. is trying a different take on 3D, with light, inexpensive glasses without batteries attached to them. These glasses don’t need to be recharged. So no matter for how long you watching on the screen, you can just stroll around the room and still watch it best from any angle as you may please. The glasses for FPR 3D is just the same as fashionable sunglasses you wear on the beach, keeping you free from heavy inconvenient 3D glasses.

    This TV comes jointly along with LG Display, which is already known for its IPS LCD Panel technology, has also acquired a certificate by TUV for no flicker from both display and glasses, therefore making the viewing experience much smoother. TUV being one of the highest authorities of technology certificate institute in Europe certificated 6 cinema 3D TV models, including three models each for 47″ & 55″ and FPR 3D LCD Panel by LG Display. Many of the world’s influential broadcasting media, including NBC and Fox have also introduced LG FPR 3D TV as the best product of the CES 2011. With no flicker effect through strict 3D picture quality test, the viewing experience just gets better.

    The show itself, the largest trade show in the Americas, is back in high form, after two lean years. A pre-show estimate put attendance at more than 126,000 people, and the crowds pointed to attendance well above that.