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Liberals All Over the World, Scold Trump!


Anatoly Wasserman 

Senator Republican Lindsay Olin Florence James Graham suggested checking for the presence of eavesdropping devices a soccer ball of the World Championship presented by the President of the Russian Federation to the President of the United States of America, and in any case not to bring him to the White House.

Assess the adequacy of the opponents of Trump and the level of Russophobia! The unfortunate Gulag crooks in the holey jackets at the barrel of the revolver stuff the microphone into the nipple of the ball so that the malevolent KGB Officer Putin, wearing headphones over his ear-flaps directly from the Mausoleum, drinking vodka, listening to American secrets, and continuing to influence the election of unfortunate defenders of freedom. Is it funny to you? And they say it very seriously! Newspapers could come have out with headlines about the chance of the whole world to avoid a new round of the Cold War. Instead, here are the quotes!

“The summit is the darkest day in American history.”

“Americans were treated to one of the most disgusting sights imaginable: the Chief Executive of the United States of America licking the boots of a murderous dictator.”

“The footage with Trump standing next to the grinning Putin and insisting that Russia did not interfere in his election fully manifested the President’s appalling indifference to the attack on the democratic life of the American people.”

Senator McCain: “No prior president has ever abased himself so abjectly before a tyrant.”

Newt Gingrich, Trump’s adviser, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, labelled the press conference as “the most serious mistake of his presidency.”

Impressive. I wonder what Trump should do to not get such a reaction from his opponents and the media they control. To arrest Putin directly at the press conference? Declare him a categorical protest against his own election? Publicly repent that he personally handed over dirt on himself to KGB agents, even when he studied in elementary school? What would satisfy their liberal souls? I assure you: nothing. Everything that Trump will do will be challenged, no matter how ridiculous this may sound. The President is very uncomfortable with them. And only impeachment will reassure them. For them, all means are good, even the search for cameras in the nipple of a football ball.

Draw on a neutral field

Now about the results. They did what the Liberals are so fussing on both sides of the ocean, they talked in private for almost three hours. And the conversation itself is much more important than the colorless communiqués about “establishing relations” and “atmosphere of mutual trust”. The monstrous pressure is exerted on Trump. He felt that public consciousness needs facts. Judging by the press conference, the facts are presented to him. But what about American journalists? About disarmament? About the agreements on Syria? About the fate of the unfortunate Ukraine?


The world of the future is such a trifle!

It is important for them to speculate about the intervention of the Russian Federation in the elections in the United States of America: how will the dreaded KGB man blush?

The President of the Russian Federation said that Russian business guests – including Trump before being elected US President – are not objects of interest to our special services. And at the same time Putin noted that Russia ready to provide any information to the investigators about the its alleged interference in the US elections, if the Russian investigators in turn question the US citizens in the case of the British exchange speculator Browder, convicted in Russia in absentia. He deprived Russia of more than 1.5 billion dollars and part of the loot officially handed over to the presidential campaign of the Democrats.

I am surprised: sensational story from the highest source – on the foreign money for the democrats did not get on the front page of the American media.

They are not interested.

It is not interesting that the synchronizer from the United States translated questions and answers incorrectly, at times to the exact opposite, and the Russian translator was not allowed to the microphone. Much more often Trump tweet two days after the meeting is quoted: they say, the head of the country is responsible for what is happening in it – then if someone from the Russian Federation interfered in the election, then Putin is also to blame. It’s funny. For those who knows how to read between the lines is clear: Trump according to the rules invented by his opponents, will not play. So, what happened was what they were so afraid of. Putin explained to Trump if not all, then much. With concrete facts. The pragmatic businessman memorized.

(The author is a famous Russian intellectual, publicist, columnist.  The options expressed in the article are strictly his personal.) 

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