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  • Tuesday, December, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:03:44
  • Lil’Goodness Launches A Healthy Range Of Nutritious Crackers, Yoghurts And Porridge For Kids Across India

    Published on March 18, 2020

    New Delhi: Lil’Goodness, a kids food and nutrition tech enterprise that is revolutionizing the kids fresh and packaged foods industry has now launched a range of tasty, delectable and nutritious crackers, yoghurts and porridge for kids. These products have been made with natural ingredients and come without any preservatives. Lil’ Goodness is the mom’s nutrition partner and the kid’s taste buddy. Tasty and nutritious, Lil’Goodness products have been created by parents who have experienced the pain that millions of parents globally do- in finding the right combination of convenience, nutrition and hygiene for their lil’ ones. With the vacation season upon us early and most kids forced to stay indoors, LiL’ Goodness products offer the most optimal balance of taste and nutrition for the little ones.

    Harshavardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal said, “The India market size for kids’ food market in the top 8 cities is USD 3 Billion. We see a significant opportunity in the kids’ food business given that we are the first in the segment through a unique combination of tasty, healthy packaged and fresh meals.  With the insights gained from providing 250,000 fresh meals through sCoolMeal, we have an exciting roadmap to develop and launch clean label, nutritious packaged food options for kids. Our range of products is designed to be a kid’s taste buddy and the mother’s nutrition partner.  As we progress, Lil’Goodness will work to empower moms to provide the best of foods to their lil’ ones. It is encouraging to have partners who share the same vision and passion in making a difference to child nutrition in India.

    Pariksha Rao, Co-Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer, Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal saysGetting children to eat healthy food has always been a challenge for mothers all over the world. It is here that Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal have been relentlessly bringing to the table, food for children that is not only nutritious and wholesome but lip smacking too. We aim to positively influence the eating habits of our future generations through tasty, nutritious food options. We have put in significant hours of testing into each product to ensure the taste, texture and nutrition elements are balanced to give the best experience to the lil’ones.

    Following are the latest range of products from Lil’Goodness that will be available at Amazon, and Namdhari’s Fresh outlets.


    ●        Rich in beta carotene (Vitamin A), these multigrain crackers have no preservatives.

    ●        These are baked and not fried, thereby ensuring the healthy aspect of the food.

    ●        These multigrain carrot crackers are a healthy alternative to potato crisps, nachos and other traditional snacks.

    ●        It is the perfect on the go snack for kids.

    ●        Multigrain Carrot Crackers is available in sealed packets of 30g, 50g and 100g with price ranging from INR 35- 100.



    ●        These crackers are rich in iron.

    ●        They contain no preservatives and are baked not fried.

    ●        These are the healthy alternative to potato crisps, nachos and other traditional snacks and are perfect on the go snack for kids.

    ●        With prices ranging from INR 45 to Rs 120 Multigrain Beetroot Crackers are available in 30g, 50g and 100g sealed packets.



    ●        Full of healthy carbs, calcium and blended with gram flour to give the protein edge, these crackers are free from preservatives.

    ●        A healthy snack for the school tiffins or travel or even while lil’ones are enjoying their cartoon shows during the summer break.

    ●        One full serving of veggies for the kids in a nachos like format that they won’t say no to!

    ●        You can try exciting traditional recipe innovations such as paapri chaat with these crackers.

    ●        Multigrain Spinach Crackers are available in sealed packets of 30g, 50g and 100g with prices ranging from INR 45- 120.



    ●        The chilli guava yoghurt does not need any refrigeration, like conventional yoghurt.

    ●        It is shelf stable for up to 6 months, without any preservatives.

    ●        Each pack of this yoghurt provides 100% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C for the children.

    ●        It comprises of only natural ingredients like yogurt, guava and chilly.

    ●        It is basically a healthy on the go snack for kids.

    ●        Since it is not lumpy and is smooth to drink, this is bound to be loved by children of all ages. No lumps or bits and nothing artificial

    ●        Chilli Guava Yoghurt is available in pouch & cup and is priced at INR 70 for the cup variant.



    ●        This is porridge with a difference.

    ●        It has the goodness of oats, caramel and banana with milk and has a natural caramel flavor.

    ●        It contains natural banana fruit purees.

    ●        The porridge is rich in protein, calcium and healthy carbohydrates.

    ●        Its creamy smooth texture makes it easy to consume, ensuring that the children stay satiated.

    ●        Caramel Oats Banana available in 100g cup and is priced at INR 70 for the cup variant.



    ●        This has the goodness of oats and strawberry with milk.

    ●        It contains natural strawberry fruit purees and is rich in protein, calcium and healthy carbohydrates.

    ●        Its creamy smooth texture makes it easy to consume.

    ●        Priced at INR 70, Strawberry Oats Porridge is available in a 100g sealed cup.



    ●        This comprises oats, jaggery and banana with milk and contains natural banana fruit purees.

    ●        It is rich in protein, calcium and healthy carbohydrate.

    ●        This again has a creamy smooth texture making it easy to consume.

    ●        It also keeps the children satiated for a long time.

    ●        Priced at INR 70/-, Jaggery Oats Banana Porridge is available in 100g sealed cup