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  • Friday, March, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:47:15
  • Industry bodies urge the centre to ask public sector units to streamline supply of raw materials at fair prices which lead to the increase in cost of the polymer raw materials. The steady rise in the price of the raw materials since 6-8 months has been creating an acute shortage of raw materials affecting the MSMEs, (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) pushing them to work below 50% of their capacity. This has been the driving reason for escalation in the project costs, adversely affecting the cost competitiveness. 

    Plastic is the most important component in a pen making industry. The further increase in the costs of the raw materials steeply, has brought about the time to review the selling prices of the manufactured / finished products. 

    Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd, one of India’s largest writing instruments manufacturers, and other major players in the corresponding industry has adhered to the new prices of the polymer raw materials resulting in increase of the cost of their finished products by 10%, effective as of March beginning. 

    Mr. Deepak Jalan, Managing Director of Linc Pens and Plastics Ltd., said, “It is hoped that the polymer price increase drift will soon see a reversal trend and if it doesn’t the industry will have to stand by the revised prices it has decided on.”